• F3 Omaha // August 15th // 70 degrees // Oscar Mike @ TheCanyon  
  • PAX: Huffy, SafeRide, Gumbo, Bloodshot, Lonestar, BetaMax 
  • Q: BetaMax 

The PAX expeditiously assembled at zero six hundred hours at the Omaha riverfront, the land initially explored by Lewis & Clark. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_and_Clark_Landing 

This morning, Huffy and SafeRide resembled those two great men, as they led a hard charging 16 minute-mile pace as we, as a team, forded the Missouri River. Ok, Ok…. we went across the pedestrian bridge. https://www.visitomaha.com/listings/bob-kerrey-pedestrian-bridge/59364/  

At the halfway point, we came upon a gaggle of teenagers sitting in a circle talking about how they should start a running club and get T-shirts, which led to mumble chatter about how that sounded a little like us, except no running. To be fair, they were all drinking smoothies and it a bit resembled our coffiteria. 

  • “We’re a coffee group that works out.” 

Once reaching solid ground in Iowa, we again saw another group at 0607, this time it was military personnel and what appeared to be ROTC students or delayed enlisted teens that were doing what appeared to be a F3 beatdown. We waved and continued on. 

Looming in the distance was a well known casino in these parts and the native Omaha PAX used it as an opportunity to educate newer Omaha PAX residents about how it was previous a riverboat, and by law it had to leave the dock and return. https://omaha.com/news/harrahs-scrapping-bluffs-gambling-boat-moving-ashore-will-be-better-for-customers/article_f120508d-5ace-5305-be22-405d9849587d.html 

The sun still hadn’t risen, so the Q asked Lewis (SafeRide) and Clark (Huffy) to lead the PAX by low crawling under the casino, as a shortcut. Ok, ok… there was a walking trail that just so happens to go under the casino. Lewis and Clark did a splendid job. 

After rounding a bend, we ended up on a bike lane on the side of a road on a trajectory for Missouri. 😳 We’re not headed to GrowRuck to join our brother’s Rollbar and TC, so Lewis and Clark did an about-face to return the same way we came and the rest of the PAX followed. 

*Put yourself in our shoes; it’s 0700 and a nice temperature. The landscape has changed from gloom to full up daylight and more importantly, an AO with LOTS of people, specifically fast people (e.g. runners, bikers, etc).

The PAX took great care to navigate joggers, strollers, and bicycles but were unprepared as a car attempted to take out three PAX at literally the only road crossing on our planned route; no one was injured. 

BetaMax loves biking but has been run over a few times.

As we descended on the other side of the bridge and touched down in Omaha, we saw our brothers at TheCanyon AO preparing to execute the Mary portion of the workout. The thought crossed our minds to join them, but then we gained focus and trekked on to knock out some additional mileage. 

OscarMike joined TheCanyon for COT and t-claps to their site Q’s for supplying the joe during the fellowship after. 


BetaMax 🥾🎒 

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