Backblast – Futurama – Memorial Park – 8/13/20 – Tater Tot

Backblast – Futurama – Memorial Park – 8/13/20 – Tater Tot

Yo, yo, yo!  24 PAX (4 pre-runners) got out of their Thursday fart sack and decided to start the day on a muggy 73 degree morning.  I mean it was a sweatfest this day.  There were some newer faces which Tater Tot loved seeing and an FNG (2-steps like 54th for the month…) that were greeted, given the introduction/disclaimer and then set off for a mosey to the north side of the Memorial Park Rose Garden.  Thank you Slow Pitch for your leadership on the modified mosey.  These small gestures give the confidence to PAX that they can come to a workout and feel a part OF the group even though they might not be as nimble as they wish they were.  Once the PAX all gathered and let their eyes adjust to the darkness of the flowery gloom it was time to get the party started.  The moon was legit by the way…   

PAX: Khakis (Respect), Gunner, Rooster, Biff, Tug Boat, Merch, Frosty, Hipster (Respect), Slow Pitch, Touché, Minute Man, Bird Man, Lucky Charms, Kibble N’ Bits (Respect), Piano Man (FNG), 2-Step, Sparty, Pony Express (Hate), Chiclets (Respect), Hashtag (Hate), The Plague, KC,  Polaroid and Tater Tot.

Warm a Rama

15 Side Straddle Hop IC (Tater Tot forgot how to end cadence)

10 Forward Sun God with Tempo Squat

10 Reverse Sun God with Tempo Squat

10 Tappy taps with a solid clap

20 Plank Jack IC with a merkin  (Plamerkin?..)

25 total Inchworm Carolina Dry Docks (complete 5 then inch hands closer to feet, repeat, repeat then move away from your feet)

Happy Feet – Tater Tot asked the PAX if they had a sweat going and was planning to head out to The Thang but there had to be one that said, “Nope”…  So, I called on Birdman (not T-Bird for the record) to complete 5 rounds at whatever pace he wanted.  The sweat was rolling after that and we moseyed back near the flags at the top of the steps where we caught our breath and prepared for Burpeeball.    

The Thang: Burpeeball (this was not named Burpeeball until Tater Tot did so in his name a rama tweet) The idea was formed around the recent “postponing” of fall sports and created a game that included launching a football (never to be found again thanks to Polaroid’s cannon), soccer ball and volleyball.  We split into two teams.  Team one would pull a playing card randomly and the card represented how many burpees their group would complete while Group 2 threw or kicked one of the three balls to where group one would have to run to and complete their burpees.  Tater Tot placed PAX strategically at the top of stairs leading into a large hill of darkness…  While Team 1 was running and completing burpees, team two was listening to terrible top hits playlist and cranking out the a list of exercises on a cone.  Groups would alternate back and forth between running to burpees and staying and doing exercises.  After four complete rounds team 2 was the “winner” with 28 total points over team 1 with 22?  We did one final round all together just for craps and giggles and then Tater called Omaha and we headed to the shovel flags.

Team 1 – Draw a card that represented burpees to complete wherever team 2’s ball ended up.  It could be between 2 and 15 burpees to complete.  A couple of times the ball was lost but always found…until Polaroid’s 400 yard southpaw toss into a 500’ cottonwood tree. 

Team 2 – Complete the following exercises until Team 1 returned and then pick back up at the same spot then next time they were not doing burpees.

Cone Exercises at the top of the steps done together

1) 40 Merkins

2) 25 Jump Tucks

3) 30 LBC’s I.C.

4) 40 Werkins

5) 25 Copperhead Air Squat I.C.

6) 30 Peter Parker (I.C.)

7) 100 25 American Hammer I.C.


You can’t always get what you want…  Futurama does not do Mary exercises, but too bad.  We found a hill and did 20 Big Boys to the song “You can’t always get what you want” quietly playing. 


I intended to mention prayers for Trademark and his recent surgery with his knee.  It is taking a long time to improve. 

Prayers Hipsters family member

Prayers for Birdman’s Aunts birthday

Announcements for Q School

Announcements for Iron PAX and keeping the peace throughout

Announcements for expansion in Papillion

With the recent changes in the sports world due to COVID I opened up just a little about my world as it pertains to how things have changed and who it impacts.  Sports are clearly not the most important thing in the world and perhaps not anywhere near the top, but it does employee a lot of people as well as engage millions of athletes across the country.  When the anticipated news of the football conferences was released, and Big East conference decided to postpone the seasons it comes with great impacts to the people around us.  It is very difficult to watch the people that you work with daily and respect, have so much uncertainty and discomfort within their job and their family life.  I typically can offer some sort of resolution or hope to bridge the gap but that challenge is increasing daily and the solid ground they once stood on seems more and more like a thin paper towel.  I wear this heavy in my heart daily and worry constantly.  This anxiety drifted my thought process into telling me I can’t always get what I want no matter how hard I try sometimes.  Of course The Rolling Stones 1969 hit came flying into my head and I had to listen to it immediately and found comfort in the line that followed “but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need”.  I mentioned to the PAX that although the world is changing in front of us and that there are disruptions all over the place to your “wants”, if you shift your thoughts to what your needs are, which can be F3, your family, your friends and really work on those pieces in your life you just might find that is exactly what you need.  I feel I need F3 in my life now more than ever to keep me grounded, to keep me moving in a safe direction with my loved ones and to continue to give me hope.  I often ask myself how could anyone not want to have F3 in their life?….   We will keep working at it one PAX member at a time. 

Thank you for allowing me to lead at your wonderful site Othello!  How lucky I am. 

Tater Tot


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