Co-Q: Kielbasa and Gunner

PAX: Blue Suede, Tater Tot, Vandelay, Icy Hot, Hashtag, Sampras, MacNCheese, Blue Chip, Sparty, Khakis, The Plague, Slow Pitch, Bubbles, Roadhouse, Fire Walker, LPC, Biff, Two Step, Tenderfoot, The Curse, Billy Ray, Splinter

  • Mosey to the adjacent parking lot for Warm-O-Rama

-15 Sun Gods both clockwise and counter clockwise

-10 Cherries raises (cherry pickers with calf raises on the 2 count)

-12 Tappy taps

-5 Big ones

– 15 Shoulder touches

(All in cadence)

  • Mosey to regency apartment parking lot

-Bear crawl to each of the four corners of the parking lot

-3 burpees at each corner

-Repeat but crab walk instead of bear crawl

-Circle up in the middle while planking to the six

  • Mosey to the dock

-Semi-Pro Squat – Circle up and get into a low squat. Pass the “ball” around the circle 3 times.

-10 Merkins

-20 LBC’s

  • Mosey to the potted plants

-20 Side straddle hops IC

-10 Mahktar N’ Diayes IC

-15 Mountain climbers IC

-10 Oh Yas!

  • Mosey Up to the top of the Hill
  • 12 IC Bonnie Blairs

Mosey back to shovel flag

Ran a little late and had to skip 6 MOM

Prayer Requests – Sparty’s Grandpa Dick

COT- When the beat down gets difficult and challenging, think of someone you know that is not able to do what we do in order to work a little harder, run a littler faster and push for that extra rep.


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