8/12/2020 / Heavy Metal AO / Stinson Park / 77 degrees /

PAX: , Bloodshot, TC, Folsom, Cyclone, Touche’, Samples, Tatanka, Polaroid, Hipster, Beta Max, Toadstool, Squidward, Neidermeyer, Lucky Charms, Speedtrap, Stella, Safe Ride, Hooskow, Izzy, Frosty

VQ: Frosty

Frosty welcomed the PAX,

Mission Statement:  The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Core Principles:  1.  Free   2.  Open to all men   3.  Held outside rain or shine   4.  Lead in a rotating fashion  5.  Ends in a circle of trust

Disclaimer:  Frosty is definitely not a professional, please modify as needed



Mosey over to the front (skirt) of the stage

SSH x 20 IC

Overhead Seal Claps

Tappy Taps x 15 IC

Overhead Seal Claps

Slow, Deliberate Windmills x 15 IC

Overhead Seal Claps

Sun Gods x10 each way

Overhead Seal Claps

Mosey 1 lap around Stinson and meet back in the front of the stage


We will be pausing for overhead seal claps whenever anyone yells ROCK AND ROLL!!!

Dead Lifts x 10

Curls x 10

Military Press x 10

Squat x 10

Bear Crawl 40 paces and return

Rinse and Repeat Two More times for a total of 3 sets

Take a lap!


We counted off into four groups for the four members of KISS, Frosty then assigned each number a name but that’s about as far as he thought it through.  PAX meandered until they gathered in what appeared to be four equal groups at four cones.

The thang is to complete the combination exercise at your station and farmers walk to the next station, and so on until back to original station. Seal Clap to the music until all groups are done.  Rinse, repeat til Omaha.  We took an enthusiastic lap between sets 2 and 3 and rocked overhead seal claps whenever someone yelled “ROCK AND ROLL”

Four  Stations – Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter

Station #1 – Paul Stanley

Paul is the Starchild, so his exercise was a Werkin with alternating R and L rows x 5

Station #2 – Gene Simmons

Gene is the Demon and has wings, so his exercise was a combination of a fly and 2 chest presses x 5

Station #3 – Ace Frehley

Ace is the Spaceman, so his exercise was a dumbbell burpie.  No merkin at the bottom but an Arnold press blasting off at the top!  X 5

Station #4 – Peter Criss

Peter is the Cat, so he’s all nimbly bimbly.  His exercise was a squat followed by a Bonnie Blair x 5

6MoM:  Safe Ride lead us in slow Freddie Mercurys, Stella lead us in some box cutters and Lucky Charms took it home with some HEAVY METAL Hammers!

Welcome Izzy and Speedtrap to Heavy Metal and FNG (and my nephew) Neidermeyer!

Prayers and Announcements:  Not too late to sign up for grow-ruck, Support your brothers and each other in the Queensservice Challenge


Piggy-backing a little on what Bubbles had for a COT yesterday.  I wanted to cover a couple of things.  The first one is impact and the second one is the relationship between honesty, fear and faith. 

Impact, my future “M” is a teacher.  A middle school music teacher.  She could care less about technology.  She’s in the 26th year of teaching and then this year happens.  How can F3 affect her.  Obvious results of F3 is a happier Frosty.  A Frosty that’s concerned about being better and doing better.  She also, after a couple cocktails, told Othello and Rancid she liked Frosty’s new shoulders!

But then I bring up her struggle yesterday before Bubbles’ COT and he hits the nail on the head with his message about  “Its ok not to be ok”.  I asked him if I could send it to her and her teacher friends.  She read it and loved it.  Not only were her shoulders a little lower going into her day, but she’s the chair of the music department.  She called me and asked if she could share it with them.  A few hours after that she shared it with her admin team.  It helped her principal lead.  The main administrator with the nightmare job of scheduling this year texted her, “that was exactly what I needed today”.  THAT is  impact!  The impact of F3.  The impact of Bubbles.  The impact of, in my opinion, God. 

That’s just one example.  Samples COT of the 3 ways of influence.  Mac and Cheese’s COT win the person, not the argument.  All the lessons.  I’ve used what you men share at work, at home.  In my life.  You are impacting my life so much – and I love you for it.

We are in such an uncertain time.  One thing I’ve added to my prayer life is to take what I’m uncertain about and just give it to God, without asking for relief.  For example, “God I’m scared I won’t succeed at work instead of “God help me be successful”.  Admit my fears and leave the results to him.  It’s ok to not be ok and its ok to be afraid during these uncertain times and anytime!

Frosty took us out in prayer.

Sky Q,

As I walk through this day

Please make my words a little softer,

Make my skin a little thicker.

Please keep my mind open and my heart full

Help me admit my fears and live an honest life.




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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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