Oracle Backblast – August 8, 2020

Promptly at 6:00 a.m., YHC welcomed a group of PAX for a workout, and several who were going for a ruck. YHC reminded everyone that F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith, that we were there to plant grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership before stating our values: Free of charge, open to all men, held outdoors led in a rotating fashion, and end in a COT. Lastly, the PAX were reminded that YHC is not a professional, and modification is recommended as needed. 


The PAX took the long way around the school to the blacktop area and circled up. Since I took the Q for a traveling Khakis, I tried to keep the warm-a-ramashort and start getting to the fun quickly. – Imperial Walkers – 10 IC- Cherry pickers – 10 IC- Tappy taps – 10 IC

The Pre-Pre Thang

Next, the PAX karaoke across playground & return facing same way, then rinsed and repeated. Held a superman hold until the 6.

The last part of warm-a-rama had the PAX Lunge ½ way across blacktop, do 10 cherry pickers OYO, then lunge the remaining way across the blacktop. Tugboat quality lunges were encouraged, to which the mumblechatter discussed dragging their knees on the rough blacktop. 

Long mosey around school to soccer fields. 

Pre Thang: 

22s: 2 Air squats & 20 Alternating shoulder taps all done together. Counted down by 2’s, so the next set was 4 and 18 all the way until we did 20 air squats and 2 ASTs.

The Thang

Partner up and the get in a circle next to your partner. One set of partners at a time will bear crawl or lunge to touch the school and back while remaining PAX do AMRAP of the followingexercises. – Merkins w/ Row- Alternating Reverse Lunges- Carolina Dry Dock- Flutter Kicks- SSH- Moroccan Night Clubs- Mahktar N’ Diayes- Chili Jacks- LBCs- Calf Raises- Back Plank- Alternating Shoulder Taps

The Post Thang

YHC wanted to finish how we started, so the PAX did a long mosey around the school, lined back up on the blacktop for two down/back of karaoke. It’s worth noting Arm Bar’s form here was impecableand was some combination of a professional dancer and gazelle. Poetry in motion. Everyone held superman hold until the 6.

PAX then did lunges again. Stopped for cherry pickers at the half way point and the far side before returning the length of the blacktop with lunges with a cherry picker stop half way again. Superman hold to the 6. 

6 MoM- Low dollies x 30 on open- Gas pumpers x 20 IC- Howl at the Moom stretch x 5- American Hammers x 20 IC


With the 2A2F2CC golf tournament held later that day, I realized how much I enjoy talking trash and the idea of competition. There is a weird sense of bonding that happens in competition—I really bond with people through it. After thinking about it more, I realized that F3 has helped me in stopping always just competing against others. Especially through the OYOBNA workouts this spring, I had to work only for and against myself. It was really tough for me at first, but I think it’s important to not just measure yourself against what others around us have, whether that be in the gloom while working out or wanting something a neighbor has. Don’t get caught up in competition, but focus on making yourself and your loved ones happy. Set goals and let that be the thing that pushes you. 

Prayers/Announcements• Prayers for River Dance and his M as they open their new business• Iron PAX this September. Join, push yourself, and enjoy the comradery.  • 2A2F2CC Golf Tournament at 10:00 today at Milts. 

Lucky Charms

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