Backblast – The Canyon – Lewis and Clark Landing – 8/8/20 – Tater Tot

18 PAX (5 pre runners) kicked off their weekend and the real 2 Club Conundrum in the comforts of another 300% humidity filled morning alongside the beautiful riverfront of Omaha, NE.  This would be the second official beatdown at the newly christened confines and the new territory to explore did not disappoint.  So many options for pain…  Veteran and FNG PAX were greeted with a smile, a solid disclaimer filled with the word “modify” not because of the to-be beatdown but because of the heat.  It was going to be a doozy.  And we were off!

PAX: Waffle House (Respect), Crawl, Side Dish (FNG), Fairy Tail, Polaroid, Cyclone (Respect), Quick Change (FNG), T-Bird, TC (Respect), Spreadsheet (Hate), Higgins (Hate), Ponzi (left a touch early for 2-club), Baby Grand, Pony Express (Hate), 2-Step, Rancid,  Smashmouth and Tater Tot.

Inspired by Arm Bar the PAX did a beaver run (light mosey with arms directly out, directly up and then merkins broken up in 20 second intervals).  We ran to the Nebraska/Iowa state divide on the Bob Kerry Pedestrian bridge which seemed to take an eternity.  It was so cool to watch the PAX pick up the six and have Waffle House be with us.  Tater Tot asked everyone to catch their breath and recover by looking out to the north from the bridge.  Take a deep breath, be thankful for the morning, think about someone they loved, just be in the moment.  It was Tater’s favorite part of the beatdown.  Period.  Tater Tot interrupted their trance with a trivia question.  For ten burpees on the line, when was the last time Nebraska beat Iowa in football?   Cyclone answer 2015 with a smile but was wrong.  It was 2014 and they completed 10 bridge burpees.  Truth be told Tater Tot almost dizzy passed out when standing up for the mosey back to Warm a Rama. 

Warm a Rama – All exercises were completed in a deep Al Gore squat – This sucked

20 Overhead Seal Claps IC

20 Cherry Pickers IC

20 Sun Gods IC

Pre Thang – There are some perfectly sized steps near the base of the bridge that allow PAX to stay in a circle formation and complete exercises.

10 IC – Austrailian Mountain Climbers

10 Derkins

10 Dips

15 IC – Austrailian Mountain Climbers

15 Derkins

15 Dips

PAX were given the choice to complete one more round or do crawl bears up the grass hill behind the steps.  Ponzi answered quickly.  One more round…

20 IC – Austrailian Mountain Climbers

20 Derkins

20 Dips

A slow mosey back to the shovel flags was need to catch our breath and recover.  Although TC thought it would be a “fun” idea to sprint the final 800 meters.  Cool TC.  PAX held in a plank and did alternating shoulder taps until the 6 was in. 

The Thang –

Tater Tot offer the PAX an opportunity to hydrate and catch their breath as the humidity was really starting to set in. Tater Tot took advantage of his own offering..

The 2 Club Conundrum (with a few more than two as an option) was to be explained.  We evenly split into two groups.  There were four quadrant coned off areas each about 30’X30’ roughly 20 yards away from a tee green to hit balls from.  PAX were to choose from a club, bat or racquetball racket to attempt to hit a tennis ball in one of the quadrants.  In each quadrant there was a cone that had three exercises listed for the PAX to complete.  If the person hitting the ball that round did not get it into a quadrant at all the group had a 100 yard run, 10 burpees, 100 yard run back and 10 burpees…  PAX had to rotate who hit and rotate the club selection.  It was clear that if a group went to the same quadrant more than one time in a row it sucked.  Wait, they all sucked.  It didn’t matter.  Tater LOVED the mumblechatter. There were some rule changes after some swing and misses in order to keep the spirits above ground in order to avoid just a burpee run for 20 minutes…

Quadrant 1

  • 10 Tempo Diamond Merkins, 20 Bobby Hurley’s, 30 Freddie Mercury

Quadrant 2

  • 10 Bonnie Blair IC, 20 Jump Tucks, 30 Merkins

Quadrant 3

  • 10 Groiners, 20 Chuck Norris Merkins, 30 SSH

Quadrant 4

  • 10 Burpees with side jump, 20 Mahktar N’ Diayes IC, 30 LBC’s

Missed Quandrant

  • 100 yard run, 10 Burpees, 100 yard run, 10 Burpees

After each group completed roughly five rounds Tater Tot called a partial Omaha and had TC try one more for the entire group to complete together.  He launched it and we modified and did 10 burpees together, slowly.  Omaha was officially called.


Depending on which quadrant your group hit and how many times Mary was completed 10 times over during The Thang but we did finish with 30 American Hammers passing from three PAX members, 10 each. 

30  American Hammers


Tater Tot asked for prayers and annoucments and did a little more explaining that normal for the FNG’s (Side Dish and Quick Change) as to what the Circle of Trust is and why we do it every time.  It can be an intimidating setting for new or old PAX to speak and is good to have context as to our reasoning and the potential benefits.  Prayers were given from 2-Step to Rancid and words of encouragement for his future endevours to Chicago.  Smiles were had.  Rancid is a true leader inside and out and he will be missed dearly but a part of our F3Omaha forever.  It was also mentioned Chicago will be changed forever…  The 2 Club Conundrum was announced (Ponzi had already left to go get set up for the mornings event) and led into Tater Tot’s COT.  The explanation of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd F was given, again helpful for the FNG’s, and the emphasis on the 2nd F opportunity, the glue, is what makes F3 and F3Omaha so special. Here we are looking forward to an event that has 40-50 guys getting together that might have known each other for a month, 6 months or a couple of years but considered each one as a close friend and would do about anything for.  F3 allows for a platform to create these special bonds with people we have never met before and grow them into what we call our Shield Lock friendships.  Those that we can count on for anything and that make us a better person or help us get through hell or perhaps can humble us but truly love us for who we are.  Ponzi has done an unbelievable job of assisting in creating this healthy event called the 2 Club Conundrum that is a snapshot of what F3 Omaha is all about.   We thank you Ponzi. Tater Tot took us out in prayer and we crushed the crap out of the onsite coffeteria. 

Today was hard.  Today we go better, together. 

Thank you for allowing me to lead!

Tater Tot


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