Going Back to the Basics 2.0 08/07/20: Golden Spike

Temp: 72 degrees and cloudy 

PAX:(26), Betamax, Rancid (HATE!), Wait Time, Biff, Mingus (HATE!), Cessna (HATE!), Merch, Kielbasa (HATE!), Tug Boat, Roll Bar, Wide Right, Pancake (HATE!), Roadhouse, Saul, Mac N Cheese, FDIC, Room Service, Spreadsheet (HATE!), Mufasa, Double Take, Selleck, Hooska, Wentworth, Tuna Fish, Vandalay (RESPECT!), Othello. 

QIC: Othello

The Opener –  Othello presented the 3 F’s, the mission statement, the five core principles, and the disclaimer. 

 FNG today – No FNG’s today.

Mosey – The PAX moseyed to the middle of Burke High School parking lot

Warm – A – Rama:

20 (IC) SSH

15 (IC) Tappy Taps

15 (IC) Imperial Walkers 

20 (IC) Goofballs

Mosey –  The PAX moseyed to the EAST parking lot of Burke High School, North side. 


Bear Crawl Inch Worm to the end of the parking lot – Two lines of 13 men.

15 (IC) Monkey Humpers 

15 (IC) Pickle Pushers

Mosey –  The PAX moseyed to the bottom of the hill in the SOUTH EAST side of the school. 

The Thang:

PAX was split up into four groups at the bottom of the hill. 

30 (D) Merkins

30 (U) Big Boys

30 (D) Air Squats

30 (IC) SSH

25 (D) Werkins

25 (IC) LBC’s

25 (D) Jump Squats

25 (IC) Smurf Jacks

20 (IC) Carolina Dry Docks

20 (IC) Starfish Crunch

20 (IC) Copperhead Squats

20 (D) Bobby Hurley’s

Bear Crawl up the hill, ONE burpee, and run back down

15 (D) Dive Bombers

15 (U) WWII Sit Ups

15 (IC) Sumo Squats

15 (IC) Goofballs 

10 (D) Tempo Merkins

10 (IC) Heels to Heaven  

10 (IC) Mountain Man Poopers 

10 (IC) Apollo Ohno

5 (IC) Tri-Merkin (any direction) 

5 (IC) Crunch Frog

5 (IC) Chinook Squats

5 (D) Turkish Get Ups

Bear Crawl up the hill, ONE burpee, and run back down

Mosey –  The PAX moseyed back to stairs of Burke High School for Post Thang 


Bear Crawl Inch Worm – Two lines of 13 men.

Frog Jump to stairs

Right Foot Hop – up stairs

Left Foot Hop – up stairs

Mosey back around to the middle

Mosey –  The PAX moseyed back to the flags


10 Low Dolly’s –  Thank you, Tuna Fish

10 Flutter Kicks – Thank you, Mingus

10 Freddie Mercury’s – Thank you,  Roll Bar

10 Box Cutter – Thank you,  Pancake

26 (IC) – American Hammers – Rancid Style



  • Bring water to the Two Club Conundrum 
  • Go Ruck – August 15th, Reach out to Roll Bar for details


  • Betamax has a family member who is facing some challenges
  • Wait Time has a friend, Martha who is facing some challenges with cancer. 
  • Mac N Cheese little brother is facing some medical challenges.
  • Othello’s mother is facing some medical challenges with back surgery. 

Message from the Q:

In times of life crisis, whether wildfires or smoldering stress, the first thing I do is go back to basics… am I eating right, am I getting enough sleep, am I getting some physical and mental exercise everyday...” – Edward Albert  

I’m reaching out to you all because like me, I’m sure there are some HIM in the PAX who have a hard time in transitioning. Either that is transitioning between jobs, between residences, or even transitioning into different seasons of the year. We are so used to just, “go, go, go!” in which results in having a cloud and we tend to miss the fine details or simply enjoy what is actually happening. When that happens, it’s great to just breathe, be present, and go back to the basics. What are you able to control? Control those things and naturally, you will gain clarity.

 I am speaking from my current experience with going back to school. A lot of educators and families are so uncertain about what the fall will look like. It is a stressful time and we, educators, have a cloud of judgment because this heavily affects our job. So I’m reaching out to you all because I want to remind you that F3 is the basics for us. F3 is here everyday, Monday and Saturday and it provides a physical and mental release that helps us gain clarity. Stay present, breathe, connect with the pax, keep posting and know that it will be okay. 



Saul led us in closing prayer, thank you brother!

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