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Pax: 27 – Touchey, Frosty, Honey Badger, Upstream (FNG – Alec Stremel), Hightower, Bubbles, Tater Tot, Pony Express, Smash Mouth, Stella, Huffy, Gunner, Cyclone (Respect!), Theodore Calvin TC (Respect!), Samples (Respect!), Lucky Charms, Ponzi, Icy Hot, Buns of Steel, Flanders, Honey Stinger, Two Step, Bloodshot, Tenderfoot, Slow Pitch, Ram Rod, 

Q: Polaroid

YHC welcomed the PAX to the Woodshed, explained what F3 stands for – Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.  Mission Statement and Core Principles given. A welcome to FNG Alec Stremel, thanks for joining today my friend!

Mosey to the Grotto – Warm O’ Rama

Sun Gods x 10IC

Windmills x 10 IC

Greek Tureks x 15

Cherry Pickers x 10 IC

Merkins x 20

Copperhead Squats x 20 IC

Dips x 20

Mosey to the PreThang….

Dips x 10

Air Squats x 20

Werkins x 30

Mtn Climbers x 40IC


OMAHA was called at 6:06


PAX partnered up. This was going to be a ladder style workout. The round you and your partner were in would equate to the number of reps completed. With each round you would add the exercise of that round along with an additional rep. After completings reps a quick mosey to the stairs, up the stairs for Big Boys. Complete the number of Big Boys for each round you were on and return to the bottom for next round.

For example:

Rnd 1: 1x Groiner à Run à 1x Big Boy à Run Back

Rnd 2: 2x Groiner, 2x Bonnie Blair à Run à 2x Big Boy à Run Back

Rnd 3: 3x Groiner, 3x Bonnie Blair, 3x Makhtar N’Diaye à Run à 3x Big Boy à Run Back

Rounds as follows:1. Groiner IC2. Bonnie Blair IC3. Makhtar N’Diaye IC4. Sumo Squats IC5. Diamond Merkins6. Burpees7. Mtn Climbers IC8. Alt. Should Taps9. Hydraulic Squats (Don’t think anyone got here before Omaha was called)

This one was a slow starter, however it quickly picked up, as did the reps! Mumblechattermatched accordingly

Omaha called at 6:06


Flutter Kicks x 20 IC

Heel Touches x 15

Hammers x 25 IC


•Prayers for TC’s 2.0 and PAX member GUT undergoing a planned procedure today

•Continued thoughts/prayers to all students & teachers returning to school

•Queen Service Challenge still going on, still opportunities to sign up

•2 Club Conundrum tomorrow morning at best known golf course to man Milts. Dress the part!

COT: It’s been a while since Polaroid was on the Q. Appreciative of the opportunity. The leadership in F3 Omaha is outstanding and witnessing the continued acceleration of the PAX is motivating. A quote was shared about calming the mind. “A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts” – Alan Watts. This couldn’t be more true for YHC, more so now than ever. If you are stuck in your thoughts all the time what are you really doing, this can hold you back from ever making any progress.  The PAX took a short moment in silence – appreciate and be thankful for what you’ve got. A beautiful morning at the Woodshed as the day started. Two Step closed in prayer.

Aye – Polaroid

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