The Maize Backblast: Shovel Flag Passing

Co-Q with Hard Hat and Sasquash. PAX (24) – Tater Tot, Pothole, Slick, Creed, The Plague, Birdman, LPC, Sump Pump, The Curse, Thermo, Chisel, Thor, FNG – Yodol, Tonight Show, Crab Cakes, Kingpin, FDIC, Vandalay, Mufasa, Kingsford, Thomas, Sasquash, Hard Hat

HIM gathered for a 5:30AM sharp start. Sasquash gave the lowdown as an FNG was welcomed to the one and only Maize. The red pill had been chosen. Now it was time to put in the work!


10 Turk n Burps OYO

15 Travoltas IC

15 Tappy Taps IC

15 Windmills IC

10 Cherry Pickers IC –> 10 Chinooks IC –> 10 Seal Claps IC –> 10 F/B Sun Gods IC w/ Calf Raises 

Thing 1: 4 Corner Beatdown

The 4 edges of the basketball court gathered 6 HIM as the PAX made their way around the court with Calvin Harris Techno setting the tone from center court. The thang started off with Bear Crawls inspired by Sasquash’s 1 year old son Big Mike. Followed by Copperhead Lunges, Crabwalk and Duckwalk. Once each group made it all the way around, they stopped and performed 20 Monkey Humpers. Around again. 20 Copperhead Squats. Around again. 20 Bobby Hurleys. Time! Mumble Chatter was lighter as momentum had not yet kicked off for Sump Pump.

Thing 2: 3 Man Grinder

Partner 1 at the top of the hill does 10 burpees, and pushes partner 2 at the bottom of the hill. Partner 2 station is performing AMRAP of Monkey Humpers, then Hydraulic Squats, then Bonnie Blairs, then Jump Tucks. Once pushed, partner 2 has choice of POW crawl or Seal walk to station 3. Partner 3 station is performing AMRAP of Alt. Shoulder Taps, then Carolina Dry Docks, then Mountain Climbers, then Clap Merkins. 

The POW crawl/Seal Walk was the crowd favorite despite the razor grass that showed no mercy. Omaha was called when most groups had completed the 2nd round of exercises at the AMRAP stations. 


20 Low Dolly

20 High Dolly

20 Windshield Wipers

20 Heal Touches

30 American Hammers

COT: It’s been an honor being the site Q here at the Maize for the last year +. One of the things I love most about this place (other than being close to home) is how guys show up and really put in the work. It seems like a no-nonsense kind of AO, even though we may have some mumblechatter and have some fun every once in awhile. I’m thrilled to be handing off this shovel flag to this HIM, Sasquash. He’s always got a positive attitude, and I love his reminders to get deep in those squats. The Maize is in good hands. Aye! – Hard Hat

High quality leadership from Hard Hat, a true HIM that has carried The Maize for over a year since taking over for Ethanol. T-Claps! Hard Hat set the bar and now it is time to take it to the next level. As we all have experience, there are too many Sad Clowns roaming the streets, they need HIM to connect, follow up and be a light for those that need it most. We have the decision to take the red pill or the blue pill that creates momentum or lack there of. The “Mascot” look of perceptional worth is merely a look of getting by. Not putting in the daily work leads to mediocrity and that is not what we are about. Proud and honored to provide the shovel flag for the next year as we accelerate together and make a true difference in our community. Aye! -Sasquash

Hard Hat & Sasquash

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