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QIC: Two Step Greeting:

Q welcomed the HIM, stated the mission, listed the core principles, declared the absence of FNG’s and later during warm-o-rama addended the disclaimer to this section.Mosey to creepy corner, though modified to the southeast corner of the four-way-stop due to construction interferenceWarm-o-ramaSSH x 15 cadenceWindmills x 15 cad’Sungods fwd x 20 cad’Sungods bkwd x 20 cad’Seal Claps x 20 countOverhead Claps x 20 countPre-thangBear Crawl Inch WormPAX planked single file head to foot, last PAX in line bear crawls to front of line and hollers “FRONT”, prompting new last PAX to do same until everyone has crawled.Modification: 19 is way too many for this when lined head to foot. Q started yelling “FRONT” as soon as bear crawler made it close to the front, then earlier and earlier until eventually several were crawling simultaneously.Suggestions for improvement:Align PAX side-by-side instead of head-to-foot.If too many PAX posting, make more lines.Mosey via chain run to the grassy field between the baseball infields.ThangMillennial (misspelled in exicon “Millenial” just sayin’ in case you search for it ever)PAX oyo perform up to 100 reps of called exercise. First PAX to 100 hollers “100!” prompting cessation of exercise by each PAX who run approx’ 100m between cones placed essentially at the margins of each baseball infield.Rule: each PAX may only be the 100 hollerer one time.Exercises:SSHLungesMerkinsLBC’sMtn. ClimbersFlutter KicksArm RaisesSquats (omitted)Oblique Crunches (omitted)Burpees -always last exercise in this routine, always do together, usually rotating the count among PAX. Should do 100 to have really done this routine. But if Q would otherwise perish, the modification would be to call “OMAHA” on the thing in the nick of time. This happened after 40 reps.Post-Thing – pax encircled the Q in the field.Irish Two-steps/Absolution x 10, 8 count cadence led by QMoseyed/Sauntered to shovel flags6 MOMLow Dolleys x 15 cad’Rosalitas x 15 cad’American Hammers x 25 cad’Name-o-ramaAnnouncements:New AO- the Canyon, opening next day, Sat 8/1/2020, Q’s = TC and Waffle HousePrayer Requests:COT: YHC was inspired this week by Q source discussion on helping, or the giving of oneself to others, which is how I see the third F having purpose for everyone. Faith can mean a lot of different things and can be a sticking point for some people considering F3. Indeed, even some HIM may be turned off by the assumption that this is a religion, not wanting to be proselytized in the gloom.However, to accelerate along with this group requires only a faith in something greater than yourself. There is a reason or a purpose to give of yourself to others. Doing so will eventually come back around and be self-beneficial. At a minimum, if you make the world better, you get to live in a better world. There are many ways to benefit from the act of helping another. Maybe they will pay it forward and you’ll link up with that chain again someday. Maybe someone will admire you or reward you. Many people just feel better and do not know exactly why, or how to explain it. Some call it a selfish selflessness.My own faith happens to be in Jesus. I try, and fail usually, and try again to follow his example. But you do not have to do the same to be welcome here, or for me to come here to see you ✌. F3 is open to all men.People who follow Jesus, and even most who don’t, are aware my belief is that he died for us. He gave of himself, sacrificed, for the good of the world. And that’s the example you are all following here, whether you accept it as a “follower of Jesus” or not. Getting your own six out of bed to post at 05:30 is selfless act, let alone the picking up of the six or encouraging fellow pax.Even today in the thing, you were gunning to be the first to 100 reps, so the misery could end for others. You were trying to take on their suffering by denying your own comfort, even opening yourself up to dying, at least a little bit of dying. Remember how the bear crawl inch worm had to be modified and the burpees were stopped at 40 instead of 100? I realized in the nick of time, that my own death right there would, although on point, be too strong of an example for my COT. Hopefully others were feeling the same. If not, let me know and next time I’ll sit on my six and count the rest of the way while I watch you accelerating.Key to the message at Q source was that once you get yourself living right, the easiest way to maintain that is to help others to do the same. Sure, maybe you just love humanity, but the byproduct is that you are a beneficiary of your own benevolence toward others. Who here has given, truly offered and released something of their own to another, and then has felt the loss of that item, or time, or dollars, or whatever it was? You typically don’t feel the loss of things offered away for the benefit of another.So, third F is faith, at a bare minimum, that sacrificing yourself for others, just for the good of the world is a good idea. Go forth and give, for your own sake.Aye,Two Step

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