The Battlefield Backblast: Number off by 17s!!

8.6.20 | Battelfield AO | Westside High | 68 Degrees & Dark

PAX: Samples (Respect), Tin Cup, TC (Respect), Open Sesame, Double Leg, Map Quest, Ram Rod, Room Service, Stella, Hoosegow, Arm Bar, Gobbler, Buns of Steel, Mardi Gras, Wide Right, Lucky Charms, Safe Ride, Tug Boat (toot toot), Tenderfoot, Merch, Smashmouth, Flanders, Grillz, Baskins (FNG, Mark Brasee), Beta Max, Hightower, Gumbo, Pancake, Honey Stinger, Ponzi, Double Take (FNG, Jason Regis), Biff, Bubbles

Q: Brazilian

Brazilian welcomed the PAX, gave the mission statement and the disclaimer.


The PAX moseyed to the 50 yard line

SSH x 20 IC

Wind Mills x 10 IC

Sun Gods X 10 Both Ways

Hillbillies X 15 IC

Pickle Pushers X 10 IC

Merkins x 20 on the down


PAX numbered off by 17s and headed off to the track. In pairs, the PAX took off around the track at a mosey around the corners and then ferlicked the straightaways. After three laps the PAX re-convened at the 50 for instruction.

The THANG: Partner Grinder

Odd numbered groups dug into a list of exercises on the West side of the football field while the even number groups headed to the landing atop the East bleachers. PAX performed the exercises with their partner all the way through before heading to the opposite station to tackle the next set of exercises. Rinsed and repeated.
10 Bobby Hurleys
30 Merkins
50 Monkey Humpers
70 LBCs (single count)
90 Cherry Pickers

20 Burpees
40 Seal Claps
60 Lunges (30 Each Leg)
80 LBC’s (single count)
100 Moroccan Nightclubs (single count)

At 6:09 Brazilian called Omaha and the PAX gathered for a quick Mary.

6 MoM:

TC took us home with 25(?) Hammers in cadence. His cadence did not disappoint. Momma make a cookie. A chocolate chip cookie.


Gallery and or caddies are allowed at this weekends 2A2F2CC. – Ponzi


Brazilian shared his personal struggles with imposter syndrome, fear of failure and how he is currently trying to overcome those as he pursues and opportunity to re-enter the workforce. PAX were thanked for their individual sidebars and for providing a space for him to share and be vulnerable.

Brazilian closed us out in prayer

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