8/04/20 | The Colosseum AO | Westside High School | 54 Degrees 67% humidity

28 PAX: Wide right, Pancake, Flanders, Greek freak, Gipper, Toadstool, Safe ride, Two step, Buns of steel, Gobbler, Tin cup, Samples (respect), Hooscow, Mac & Cheese, Icy Hot, Stella, Tenderfoot, tug boat, Khakis (respect), Biggie Smalls, Tbird, Slow Pitch, NoDoz, Chiclets (Respect), Pony Express, Swish (FNG), Grizzly (FNG)

Q: Grillz

Welcomed FNGs: Swish and Grizzly

PAX gathered at the shovel flag in the parking lot on the north side of Westside High School football field. Grillz welcomed the PAX, shared the mission statement, and gave the disclaimer that he is in no way a professional – modifications were also encouraged!! After asking if any FNGs made it out in the gloom, the five core principles were shared! Then the beatdown commenced…


  • Child Pose Stretch (20 sec. each side)
  • 10 Tappy Taps (IC)
  • 20 Sun Gods – 10 each direction (IC)
  • 20 Goof Balls (IC)

Pre-Thang (Groups of 2):

  • Cone #1: Low Country Crab (Crab Walk Position with Alt. Toe Touch) (25 IC)
  • Duck Walk to cone #2
  • Cone #2: Monkey Humpers (20 IC)
  • Bear Crawl to cone #3
  • Cone #3: Starfish Sit Ups (15 IC)
  • Crab Walk to cone #4
  • Cone #4: Dirty Dog (10 each leg)
  • Crawl Bear back to cone #1
  • Burpees until six is finished

The Thang: (Center Field)

PAX divides into groups of four (4).  Man #1 & #2 start the first exercise while Man #3 & #4 sprint around the track.  Then Man #3 & #4 start the first exercise while Man #1 & #2 sprints.  

Each time a lap is completed, move to the next exercise on the list. Continue this pattern until Omaha is called – approx 25 minutes (If you complete all exercises, rinse & repeat until Omaha is called):


  • Broad Jump with squat
  • Bobby Hurley’s
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Yogi Werkins (werkin with alt. toe touch)
  • Merkins
  • Burpees with Overhead Clap
  • Squat Jumps
  • Plank Jacks in low plank


20 Freddie Mercuries

American Hammers (10 with 5 second rest until everyone in the circle has counted) – Due to time limitations and the number of PAX, we only made it through ¼ of the circle; but the hurt was felt!

COT thoughts from Grillz:

With all that’s going on in the world around us, so many are paralyzed by fear or know someone who is.  God does not want us to fear.  The phrase “fear not” is used at least 80 times in the Bible, most likely because He knows the enemy uses fear to decrease our hope and limit our victories. 

The below have been encouraging to me and I hope they are encouraging to you too….

  • 1 John 4:18 “Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear”
  • Isaiah 43:1 “Don’t fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine.” 
  • Don’t worry, be happy.’ Bobby McFerrin 

Must Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-diB65scQU

Fear has no place in the heart or mind of a believer; but it is something that we all must face down almost daily!  Ask God to increase your trust and faith in His willingness and ability to deliver you completely from fear and anxiety.  Ask for a deeper revelation of His love, and watch how powerfully He moves.  Only love conquers sin. It is difficult to express love when we are full of fear. Fear not, don’t worry and be happy!

Aye, Grillz

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