7/30/2020: Futurama 

Community and Mumblechatter

Temp: A humid 72 degrees, or so google tells me since I forgot to check the day off?

PAX: 18 – Gunner, Spreadsheet (Hate), Polaroid, Frosty, Hipster (Respect, Respect), Kibbles’n Bits (Respect, Respect), LeDoux, Rancid, FNG-Tatonka, Hashtag, KC, Sparty, FNG-Rooster, Othello, T-Bird, TC (Respect), Sampris (Hate), Mac N Cheese

QIC: Mac N Cheese – VQ!

The Opener – Mac N Cheese presented the 3 F’s, the mission statement, the 5 core principles and the disclaimer. TC informed Mac N Cheese that he could be a professional if he tried hard enough.

Mostey – The PAX mosey around the memorial with some solid mumblechatter

#mumblechatter – the Pax began a Mosey with Polaroid asking Mac N Cheese how much he slept (approx. 3 hours) those pre VQ jitters! To which he promptly dropped his weinkie and Gunner was happy to lend a helping hand picking it up, otherwise who knows what we would have done the next 44 minutes.


20 (IC) SSH

50 (2is1) Rocky Balboas 

#mumblechatter – the PAX asked does this Q coach soccer or something? To which he proudly exclaimed yes and told Spreadsheet to remind Two-Step and Sampris that London is Red in preparation for the FA Cup Final #GoGunners 

20(D) Merkins 

Mosey around the memorial to the short wall below at the field


45s (IC) – 15 high squats, 15 low squats, 15 full squats

The PAX then partnered up

Partner 1completed 20 step ups each leg (IC)

Partner 2 AST (amrap) until partner 1 is complete

Switch and repeat

Plank for the 6 

The Thang: 

The Q took a play out of Rancid’s Q from a few weeks prior and numbered the group off into 4’s counting 1-4 as a group and so on. Frosty and Mac N Cheese filled in as groups of 5.

The PAX moseyed to the top of the memorial where the groups formed pairs. 

Pair 1 stayed at the memorial and completed the exercises in order AMRAP

Pair 2 went on an accelerated mosey down the stairs, across the street, down the stairs, over the wall, down the hill (approx. 20 yards) and around a cone. Then returned back up the hill, over the wall, up the stairs, across the street and up the stairs. 

Switching exercises after each mosey.


  1. Burpees (U)
  2. Chicken peckers (IC)
  3. Mountain climbers (IC)
  4. Plate jacks (IC)
  5. Balls to the wall
  6. LBC’s (IC)
  7. Repeat if necessary (no one repeated…) 

#mumblechatter – the Q’s plan work and the mumblechatter amongst the groups was loud and frequent! Often skipping the IC or directions in favor of increased mumblechatter. As long as we get our burn on a little talking is always welcome!

Mosey – The PAX moseyed to the Rose garden

The Finisher – Out of an abundance of respect for the Site Q and the long and storied history of Futurama (1+ years?) we did not finish in a Mary but instead took a play from Othello’s 1 year beatdown and finished with a song from the Q’s childhood, Eminem’s “Till I Collapse” 

During the song the PAX did the following 

  • 30 second plank
  • 10 tempo merkins 
  • 60 second plank
  • 10 second rest
  • 15 tempo merkins 
  • 60 second plank
  • 15 second rest
  • 15 tempo merkins
  • 30 second plank




  • Sparty father biopsy and test 
  • Queenservice challenge 
  • Thanksgiving for the PAX and community

Message from the Q:

  • Today during every part of the beatdown I tried to bring something from one of the beatdowns I did DR in California. Some new exercise or idea we hadn’t shared in a while that shows the power of the community we are a part of not only in Omaha but across the country.
  • “Don’t win the argument win the person” – This was a common thread in my Marriage prep a few years ago with my M and something a PAX member of F3 Rocklin shared again last week. There have been 1000+ times in my relationship with my M where I went into a “disagreement” with the idea that I was right and she was wrong. Every single time I realized we were both wrong. When I started going into those conversations trying to “win the person” I found I “won” every time even if I didn’t get her to agree to my point. How much better could we be today as a society if we went into every conversation trying to win the person not the argument?
  • 2nd theme of the day was community – how amazing is it that we are a part of a community of 2,000+ small communities across the country. Communities that are there to support a new FNG, a visitor DR the same as a long time PAX member or Redwood. Home is where you are loved and in a community like the one we are a part of that home can be found wherever we might be at the time. Lean in to that community, pick up the six and lean on the PAX beside you when you need them because they will lean on you when they need something. 


  • Mac N Cheese, VQ!
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