August 3, 2020//Westside Swing School//AO-Octagon//57 PERFECT degrees//

24 Pax: Blood Shot, Tin Cup, Kingpin, Toadstool, Saul, Gobbler, Mac n Cheese, Samples (Respect!), Wide Right, T.C. (Respect!), Lucky Charms, Rollbar, Room Service, Polaroid, Squidward, Tatonka, Spreadsheet, Mufasa, Tenderfoot, Stella, Othello, Beta Max, Wentworth, Folsom

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered just inside the fence around the track, which was ironic because Folsom planned to mosey around the parking lot and do the warm up on the basketball court. The mission statement was made, the 5 core principles were stated, the disclaimer was made, and then Folsom led the PAX through the tiny hole in the fence.

Warm O’ Rama

  1. Mosey around the parking lot to the basketball court, circle up for the following:
  2. Butt kickers ICx10
  3. Copperhead Squats ICx15
  4. Don Quixote’s ICx10
  5. S, S, H ICx20
  6. Cherry Pickers ICx20
  7. Tempo Merkins ICx10

The Pre-Thang: The Hill

Folsom had the PAX line up along the track at the bottom of the hill to explain the fun we were about to have. 10 Jump Squats, run up, 10 Monkey Humpers IC, run down. We repeated this 6 times. A full thigh burn and rubbery legs were had by all.

The Thang: 11’s

Folsom had the PAX turn around for the Thang. Merkins on one end, Big Boy’s on the other, run across the field to the track on the far side in between. The PAX started with 10 Merkins on Folsom’s down and then worked on you own, to run across the field, do 1 Big Boy (adds up to 11), then run back. Then the PAX did 9 Merkins, ran, 2 Big Boys, etc. A few Sugar Rays, YHC included, had to rinse and repeat for a few more minutes before Omaha was called. The thing about 11’s that makes them different from 21’s, is that isn’t not the exercises that get you, it’s the running in between. Although the PAX all moved at different speeds, Folsom encouraged them all to push themselves to move faster.

MOM: The PAX circled around the 50-yard line and partook in some core exercises.

  1. Static (hold crunch for the 4 count, release, repeat) E2K ICx20 each side
  2. Hill Touches ICx20
  3. LBC’s ICx20
  4. Heels to Heaven ICx20
  5. Homer and Marge’s  for a while

Mumblechatter: Last week at Octagon, I heard a PAX say that it’s easier than the Murph held every Monday at the other two F3 Omaha AO’s. I took that as a challenge. Octagon is a bootcamp, and therefore different, but it’s not easier, not with Folsom on the Q. I’m proud to say that after the pre-thang I heard a PAX ask if it was too late to go to the Murph. Another PAX near me told me he hated me during 11’s. Mission accomplished.

Announcements/Prayers:  Queen Service challenge is ongoing, throw some money down on a guy as a bet and it will go to a good cause.

COT: Folsom shared that as he goes about his day, he’s always looking for a little nugget of inspiration to share with the PAX. Last week he saw a billboard that depicted the plane Sully landed in the river. The caption said, “Cool under cabin pressure.” Folsom thought to himself, sure he was probably cool, but he just did what he had to do. It was either land in the river or crash on the land. Then Folsom thought about the men of F3 Omaha and how we are men of action. We are doers. We do what has to be done. Every morning we get up before the sun and go out and run up hill because we know it needs to be done. That spirit serves us well as we go about our days. We tackle the tough things at work, we tackle the tough things at home too. We do it because it has to be done. Keep doing what has to be done men!

Aye- Folsom

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