Friday, July 31, 2020 | The Combine | Kiewit Middle School | 66 degrees & Gloomy

Pax (31): Khakis Othello, Folsom, Splinter……..cell, Firewalker, Uncle Rico, Nugent, The Curse, Wide Right, Wait Time, Tube Socks, Tater Tot, Scrapper, Patton, Pancake (Hate), Stogie, Grillz, Night Crawler, Armbar, Pony Express, Smash Mouth, Thor, Radar, Hard Hat, FDIC, Mac’n Cheese (Hate), Khakis (Respect), Roadhouse, LPC, Merch, BIF, Sparty

QIC: Sparty

There was a little chill in the air and as Sparty arrived at 4:40am, he followed the same HIM that EH’d him a year ago, Tater Tot!There was some awkwardness when Hard Hat, Grillz, and Tater got out of their cars with no idea where to park. Sparty called them over to the field and they all scurried quickly over. As they took off on their Pre-Run, Sparty started unloading his car with 25 cones, 5 cylinder blocks, and 3 lights. The grass was wet and the breeze was cool. As the PAX arrived and mumblechatter was spreading, excitement set in as 2 school buses showed up. “Was there a game scheduled for 5:15am? Who is the opponent??” Mac’n Cheese, Khakis, and Sparty tied on their cleats as they prepared for the beatdown. Promptly at 5:15am, Sparty walked the concrete with his metal tips and called for the PAX’s attention. The F3 greeting started and was quickly followed by, “Welcome, to The Combine!” Sparty then shared the mission statement, and let the PAX know that eventhough this was a new site, the 5 core principles remained the same. Some quick disclaimers were shared: grass is wet, be careful. Sparty is not a professional so modify as you need to, but if you could, give max effort today. Then the PAX took a short mosey to the imaginary goal line of the football field.

Warm-a-rama started a little untraditionally. Sparty stood 10 yards away and facing the PAX to lead them in a warmup, which required some small instruction.- Sun Gods – 20 IC (10F, 10B)- Lunges, down and back- Alternating High knee grab and hold and pull ankle up- Alternating butt kick with grabbing the foot while doing a calf raise on the other foot- Hurdle walk- High Knees with as many steps as possible- Butt kicks with as many steps as possible

Warm-a-rama had concluded and the PAX had no idea what they were about to be hit with. Sparty organized everyone into 6 lines with about 5 guys in each line. Sparty then demonstrated the football drill that they were about to dive into: Chop your feet until “Down” was yelled. The 6 PAX would then drop down to the ground and start chopping their feet again. At this point, Sparty rolled to the right and to the left in an unpredictable fashion while the HIM mimicked his every move. Sparty would then shout “Go” and the 6 men would get back to their feet and sprint 10 yard. Then, the next guy in each line stepped up to repeat the same exercise until everyone had completed a round. Sparty did not consider the fact that he has vertigo and asked for a 10 count from Tater Tot so he could gather himself.

It was time for The Thang. The PAX counted off into 7 groups and instructions ensued. Sparty called upon our former College Football players, Khakis and Pancake, and asked if they had performed in the NFL Combine. Neither admitted to receiving an invite. They were in luck, cause today was their opportunity to do so. Sparty then quickly explained each of the 7 stationsthat would be performed:- 40 Yard Dash- Broad Jump – for 20 yards, do burpee broad jumps- 20 Yard Shuttle run- Vertical – Burpee with jumps at the top trying to touch the goal post- 60 Yard Shuttle run- Bench Press – 30 bench press reps of the cylinder blocks- 3 Cone Drill

Each group was able to make it through every station 3 full times, so the scouts got plenty of good looks to evaluate the PAX. The groups moved well and better than Sparty could even imagined. He hoped that there would be more encouragement within each group, but he could see everyone had good attitudes and was working hard. At 5:50am, Sparty called out “Omaha.” The PAX slowly made their way to gather in a large circle at mid-field. It was time for 6MoM. The PAX then performed 22 Gas Pumpers and 22 American Hammers in cadence (22 was Sparty’s football number).

Name-a-rama took place in a nice little gloom. Sparty snuck in a quiet “cell” on splinter, and totally butchered the Pony Express horse noise. 

Announcements – The Canyon is ready to launch tomorrow morning.

Prayers – Sparty asked for prayers for his grandfather who is having a biopsy on his pancreas. There was an additional prayer request, and Sparty is very sorry for not remembering who it was for.

COT – Some quick disclaimers with the group before we get into the juicy stuff. Today was meant to be fun and different, while honoring the name of the AO Site by doing the NFL Combine. This is not intended to be a football themed AO. So please don’t have those expectations if you are Q’ing or want to post there. Additionally, Karma Coffee will open their doors at 6:15am for us on Fridays. Everyone is invited. You are not required to attend Q Source though. Now for the good stuff……Sparty wanted to start by following Armbar’s exampleand shared how grateful he was for the opportunity and to the PAX. Without their consistent attendance each week, there wouldn’t be a need for an additional AO. Their efforts allowed Sparty this opportunity to lead. A sincere thank you to the PAX. 

There are a lot of HIM that have impacted Sparty’s life and have supported him through thick and thin. There were a couple PAX that he felt he needed to share some words with. Wait Time, you have changed Omaha for the better and there are little 100’s of men in our city that have changed their lives positively because of your vision and commitment to growing F3 Omaha. When people look at The Combine logo, they will see a picture of Wait Time pulling the Combine like he pulled our region. Thank you Wait Time!! Tater Tot, you EH’d me almost exactly a year ago. It didn’t take much effort on your part to get me out. Thank you for that and thank you for always being a friend and being there for me when I needed you. You are a great leader and we are all better men because of you. Love you Brother! Also, a couple quick “thank you’s” to the HIM that I grew so closely to during the Covid “Lockdown.” Khakis and Roadhouse were called outloud, but this thank you extends to Grillz, Slow Pitch, Bubbles, 2 Step, FDIC, Hawg, Chiclets, Pony Express……

I recently went on vacation and while there, My M and I went on a hike and took our 2 boys. That experience is how I view being the site Q for the Combine. I always covered the 6, kept my eye for challenges/dangers, stayed positive, and continue to encourage everyone. I plan to do the same as the Site Q. Also, something I’m very proud of and have shared, and Nugent knows exactly what I’m talking about, I’m from South Omaha. We are proud to be from this part of Omaha, we work very hard, and we have a chip on our shoulder. This is the type of culture I want for The Combine. I don’t want this to be the “Best,” or most popular AO. I want it to be known as the hardest working AO. At the mothership, F3 Metro is known as an AO that if you show up there, you will get your butt kicked. That is the expectation I have for this AO. If you Q here, bring it! If you post here, come with the mindset to work your tail off. Thanks again to everyone for showing up and supporting me and the launch of The Combine.

Prayer – Our fearless leader/Nan’Tan Tater was called upon and didn’t disappoint.



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