7/30/2020, The Maize AO

PAX: Stogie, Butterfly, Hawg, Crab Cakes, Pot Hole, Creed, Sasquash, Kingsford, Slick, Mona Lisa, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

Weather: 68 degrees and slight precipitation

YHC welcomed the PAX to the gloom and provided the disclaimer, but also encouraged them to push through and focus on proper form and reaching additional reps where available. It was also stated that the workout would be “simple”.

In anticipation of less favorable weather, the workout was planned to stay on the football field for the entirety of the beatdown. With many of the PAX being somewhat newer to F3Omaha, YHC informed them that today is the day they would get to experience how lovely the football field of the Maize can be. It’s had a reputation of being a bit sloppy, and today it did not disappoint. The PAX moseyed to mid-field for the Warm-A-Rama

Warm-A-Rama: 20 IC Hillbillies > 15 IC Slow Windmills > 20 IC Side-Straddle-Hops > 15 IC Tappy Taps > An easy paced jog around the football field ending at the South endzone.

Thing 1: Everyone’s favorite Dora…. LAZY DORA! PAX partner up and work together to complete the cumulative totals of 100 Merkins, 200 Flutter Kicks, 300 Squats. The catch? While one partner completes 10 Merkins, the other partner is holding a plank pose, then switching after every 10 reps. For the flutter kicks, one partner holds feet approx. 6″ above the ground while the other partner cranks out 20 flutter kicks (we started off doing these in cadence, but quickly called an audible to count each kick. For the squats, one partner holds an Al Gore pose while the other does 30 air squats, then switches. Everyone was given the option upon completion of their reps to either plank, Al Gore, or Monkey Hump until the last group finishes their reps. It should be mentioned that a solid weightlifting playlist was jamming during the routine to help motivate anyone that needed a little something extra. Once all groups were complete, PAX were told to mosey to the North end zone.

Thing 2: Herschel Walker Workout. This routine was inspired by one of the greatest football players to ever play the game, and his unorthodox training regimen. PAX lined up on the goal line and counted off in 1’s and 2’s. #1’s would start at the North goal line, lined up and perform merkins. A PAX at the end of the line would start with 10 reps while everyone else held a plank. Each PAX would do 10 reps going down the line and hold plank until and after their turn. Once all merkins were complete, the PAX would sprint to the other endzone to “Push” the other group. #2’s would be doing big boy situps AMRAP until the first sprinter crossed the line. Then they would sprint to the opposite endzone to perform their Merkins. This continued until “Omaha” was called. Anyone that has worked out on this football field in the past two years could expect that it would be slick and bumpy, and it absolutely was!

Mary: PAX circled up near the south endzone to complete some Mary: 20 IC Flutter Kicks > 15 IC Heels to Heaven > 33 IC American Hammers going round the horn with each PAX counting out 3 IC

Announcements & Prayer Requests: New AO’s popping up with the Battlefield today at Westside, The Combine tomorrow at Kiewit Middle School and starting at 5:15am with Qsource following beatdown, and The Canyon on Saturday 7am by the Lewis and Clark landing downtown.

Circle of Trust: Around the time Lemon Law asked YHC to find a substi-Q, I saw a tweet from the Art of Manliness about the Herschel Walker workout. Having already been somewhat familiar with his training habits, it was a nice reminder and inspiration for today’s workout. Keep things simple. With the thought of keeping things simple, it’s fitting that I’ve recognized recently the value in simple routine items. I’ve always been a “fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants” kind of guy, and love the flexibility of being able to react to situations without throwing off some routine. I’ve had to change a little bit of my life lately though. Being in the Queen Service Accountability Challenge with like 22 HIM, I had decided to make some simple rules for my diet and try to stick to a little bit of a routine. This routine and following my simple rules have helped me to lose 16 lbs in 3.5 weeks. Not having a routine and being disciplined had helped me to put on 13 lbs in the same time frame earlier this year. Because of this weight loss, I’ve been healthier, happier, and am just feeling good! That leads to a quote from Herschel Walker: “When I feel good about myself, things start happening for myself. When you look up, you go up”.

Aye! – Hard Hat

Post Beatdown Note: Hawg asked afterwards what my simple rules were for my diet. So here they are:

  1. Intermittent Fasting: No food from 7pm – 11am every day. Do a 24 hour fast from Sunday evening to Monday evening.
  2. Limit carbs: Nothing specific here, just reducing sugary items and other carby items.
  3. No beer before 5pm on weekdays, and no beer before Noon on weekends. This pandemic had turned me into quite a day-drinker.
  4. Chase every beer with 16oz of water.
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