Backblast – The Colosseum – Westside High School – 7/28/20 – Tater Tot

27 PAX showed up on time (nice work Big One!) and were ready to rock and roll on a little cooler Tuesday morning.  Smashmouth, thank you for joining on the Bolt-like 5k speed pre-run…  Tater Tot was already spent before he gave the introduction to a veteran group of HIM and were quickly off to the races.  The group was instructed dig a little deeper this morning if they were able to find some extra juice in their back pocket and then took a mosey lap to get the chatter out and be ready to lock in following.

PAX: Wide Right, Blue Chip, Arm Bar, Smashmouth, Patton, Othello, Tube Socks, Bloodshot, Folsom Hoosegow, Beta Max, Tin Cup, Swinger, Toadstool, Kielbasa (Hate), Pony Express, Big One, T-Bird, TC (Respect), Vandelay (Respect), Chiclets (Respect), Khakis (Respect), Flanders, Tenderfoot, Stella, Rancid,  and Tater Tot.

After the talking mosey lap we gathered for a progressive speed lap around the track and increased their speed at each corner accelerating into the final turn and then met on the field for a warm a rama with a solid heartbeat going. 

Warm a Rama

Side Straddle Hop – 15 IC

One Legged Balance Opposite hand toe touches – 10 each side

Failure to Launch – Four 10 Counts

Tempo Carolina Drydocks – 20 IC

Pre Thang – PAX were instructed to just follow the leader and would pick up quickly what to do.   We ran up a ramp to the top of the bleacher steps where the group split and did lunges down the steps, ran back up the steps and lunged back down the steps and met again on the field for The Thang. 

The Thang – PAX were instructed to match up with whoever they would like for the The Thang and push as hard as their heart desired.   The groups would run to a determined yardage line, touch and return to the goal line to complete their exercise that was listed next to the yardage they just ran.  You increased the run by 10 yards every time 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 (opo 40), 70 (opo 30), 80 (opo 20), 90 (opo 10).  This was one easier to do then explain and instructions were given during the beatdown as guys approached certain yardages.   

10 Yard Run and Back

10 Bonnie Blairs IC (Low and Slow)

20 Yard Run and Back

20 Burpees

30 Yard Run and Back

30 Hand Release Merkins

40 Yard Run and Back

40 Plank Jacks IC

50 Yard Run and Back

50 American Hammers

60 Yard Run and Back (opposite 40)

40 Plank Jacks

70 Yard Run and Back (opposite 30)

30 Hand Release Merkins

80 Yard Run and Back (opposite 20)

20 Burpees

90 Yard Run and Back (opposite 10)

10 Bonnie Blairs

80 Yard Run and Back (opposite 20)

20 Burpees

70 Yard Run and Back (opposite 30)

30 Hand Release Merkins

(This is where Arm Bar and Smashmouth were when Tater Tot called Omaha!!!)


Passing the leadership during Mary is always fun.  Tater Tot started with Khakis to do any core exercise he would like and for three more PAX to called their shot and lead.  I believe we did the following and not exactly sure who did what….

American Hammers

Flutter Kicks

Low Dolly

Freddy Mercury

American Hammers


Queen Service was promoted and T-Claps were giving to TC and Beta Max

Prayers were asked for Short Sale and his family after the loss of their grandmother

Tater Tot shared a story about a PAX member that reached out to talk about moment of their recent reflection.  This person was on their way to post just like any other morning and on the way they noticed a vehicle on the side of the road that looked like had been in an accident.  He assessed the situation and reflected on whether or not to stop and check or continue on.  The accident did not look life threatening and assumptions were that it might have been a “late night” for this person and perhaps was headed home based on the location of the pole the car had hit but these were all assumptions.  With that the reasoning was made to continue for them not to be late for the workout as it would surely disrupt their morning, selfishly.  We have all been in these moments.  This is where it gets good for me though.  Quickly after continuing toward the AO the PAX member asked himself why he was even in F3 if he wasn’t going to listen to that voice inside that said “Go back and check to make sure everything is ok”.   F3 is about helping our community, helping our brothers, live life like that person could be the next FNG and can’t imagine driving by a PAX member in need so they could to be “on time” for a workout.   He stopped, u-turned and drove back to check on the individual.  They were indeed fine and help was on the way but he did the HIM thing.  He listened to that little voice in his head and put someone else first which is what F3 is all about.  We are constantly reminded that the world is watching and that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves and to represent yourself with that thought in mind.  Tater Tot took us out in prayer.

Today was hard.  Today we go better.  Together. 

Thank you for allowing me to lead!

Tater Tot


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