July 29, 2020|Aldrich Elementary School | AO – Top Rope | 73°

PAX:  Slick, Hard Hat, Rancid, Othello, Tug Boat, Armbar, Father Time, Night Crawler, Scorpion (FNG), Kielbasa, Tube Socks, The Plague.

Q: The Plague

Welcomed 12 PAX to a beautiful morning at Top Rope. The Plague cited the mission of F3, “Plant and grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership”. The Plague also mentioned that he has never been, currently is not and will never be a professional so modifications will be necessary.


PAX moseyed to the parking lot for warm-a-rama.

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Imperial walkers – 15 IC
  • Big Boot (aka Rockettes) – 15 IC
  • Mountain climbers – 15IC
  • Double Axe Handle – 15 on down  – of note this was a crowd favorite as we simulated jumping off the top rope and hammering the axe down on our opponent (basically a Bobby Hurley but you get the drift 😊)
  • Tappy Taps x15 IC

PAX moseyed to a large open field, found a hill and started the thang.

PAX then completed the following exercises with combined partner total reps. One partner does exercise while the partner bear crawled up the hill, ran field and performed an Ultimate Splash (Burpee) or Ring Cross Body (Lateral Burpee), then ran back and switch places.

  • Bobby Hurley’s 100
  • Burpees 20
  • Hand Release Merkins 150
  • Burpees 30
  • Jump Tucks 200
  • Burpees 40
  • Makhtar N’Diayes 150 IC
  • Burpees 50

The playlist was Epic and included several WWE intros and even Ace of Base. Mumble chatter indicated an Epic beatdown was in progress.

PAX moseyed back to the shovel flags for Mary.


  • V-Ups – 30 on up
  • Gas Pumpers – 15 IC
  • American Hammers 25 IC (Armbar)

Circle of Trust:

  • The Plague shared a quote from Ultimate Warrior’s 2014 WWE Hall of Fame induction speech – After receiving a huge ovation from the fans, Warrior (born James Hellwig, but he legally changed his name to Warrior several years ago) talked about death in a speech that now seems a bit eerie. You can watch it above, and a transcript is below:
    • “No WWE talent becomes a legend on their own. Every man’s heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe their final breath. And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others and makes them bleed deeper and something larger than life, then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized by the storytellers, by the loyalty, by the memory of those who honor him and make the running the man did live forever. You, you, you, you, you, you are the legend makers of Ultimate Warrior. In the back I see many potential legends. Some of them with warrior spirits. And you will do the same for them. You will decide if they lived with the passion and intensity. So much so that you will tell your stories and you will make them legends, as well. I am Ultimate Warrior. You are the Ultimate Warrior fans and the spirit of Ultimate Warrior will run forever.”
  • F3 – Leave Right – A man’s Legacy is not comprised simply of what a he happens to say and do during his lifetime. For most of us that will all be forgotten, and much more quickly than we want to believe. Rather, Legacy is constructed through the people a man has intentionally Influenced during his life and the Problems that he deliberately set out to solve–all compounded by his love and generosity of heart in passing on what he knows.


  • Prayers for injured PAX

Coffeteria commenced at Starbucks


The Plague

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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