7/28/20 | Cornhusker Handicap AO | Stinson Park | 64 Degrees – 73% Humidity and a South breeze of 6 mph 

9 PAX: Bubbles, Two Step, Frosty, Icy Hot, Nugent, Polaroid, Mac & Cheese, Spreadsheet

Q: Grillz

PAX gathered at the shovel flag on the north side of Stinson Park. Grillz welcomed the PAX, shared the mission statement, and forgot to give the disclaimer that he is in no way a professional – although that became very clear within minutes of starting. Throughout the pre-thang modifications were encouraged and used liberally!! Here is an outline of why these 9 PAX felt that deep burn…

  • Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith
  • No FNG’s
  • F3 Mission: Plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.  
  • Disclaimer: Not a professional, PAX encouraged to modify as needed.
  • Principles: Free of charge, open to all men, held outdoors, led in rotating fashion, end in COT (These were talked about in the COT)
  • Count off for total

Warm-o-rama: Mosey from shovel flag to corner of park near pavilion 

  • 10 Tappy Taps
  • 10 Abe Vigoda
  • 10 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Goof Balls

Pre Thang: Double chain run with 52 burpees, Ending at the shovel flag

  • Form two single file lines and maintain a pace suitable for ALL PAX, the HIM at the back of each line will race each other to the front, once they have reached the front, the next two in the back race to the front. Continue this pattern for the duration of the run.
  • Stop 4 times (approx every .125 miles) to complete burpees:
    • Stop 1 = 16; Stop 2 = 12; Stop 3 = 14; Stop 4 = 10
    • Early finishers will do Big Boy Sit Ups until The Six has completed all burpees

The Thang: 3 pain stations with push group

Back at the shovel flag PAX circle up and count off by 4’s:

Station 1: Next to shovel flag

Carolina Dry Docks, Ranger Merkins, Alt. Shoulder Taps, Yogi Werkins (Wide merkin with alt. toe touch)

Station 2: Stinson Park Monument

Bobby Hurley’s, Plank Jacks in Low Plank, Donkey Kicks, Mountain Climbers

Station 3: On SouthWest side of park behind stage

Copperhead Squats, Monkey Humpers, Squat Jumps, Hill Sprints with 5 Squats at bottom, Rev. Lunge to high knee (switch legs each rep)


20 Flutter Kicks (IC)

20 Box Cutters (IC)

American Hammers x 10 IC every other person (5 count every other person) until everyone in the circle has counted. 50 high quality hammers were completed.

COT: Count off, Name-O-Rama, Name any FNG’s, Announcements/Prayer Requests, COT, Prayer


  • Thursday , July 30 – Mac & Cheese VQ at Futurama!
  • Thursday, July 30 – New AO, The Battlefield at Westside High School
  • Friday, July 31 – New AO, The Combine at Kiewit Middle School
  • Saturday, August 1 – New AO, The Canyon at Lewis & Clark Landing

Thoughts from Grillz COT:

We kept this short and to the point this morning! 

Freed to Lead, pg 32:

“Because you set out on your Task without knowing your Purpose, you misallocated resources, wasted time and, ultimately, failed. This (unless blide luck intercedes) is the inevitable result when a man, or an organization, sets out to do WHAT without knowing the WHY.  A complete mission must have both Task and Purpose.”

I feel like I have always had a sense of purpose for life. Something larger than myself. But it wasn’t until the last few years that I was forced to confront the fact I had a lot of Tasks but only a fuzzy purpose – at best.  Thankfully, with the help of friends, family and Jesus I was able to work through some of the issues that exist when you have a fuzzy purpose. Confronting this allowed a clear purpose to be born! From that, things started to fall in place in an almost unexplainable way – not that things were perfect – but so many things that felt forced before suddenly became easier.  Everything in my world was being filtered through this new clear purpose. Things that lined up with my purpose began to rise to the top, and things that did not would begin to fade away.

I have spent too many years living outside my God given purpose – what I was created for.  Let’s encourage each other to work daily to evaluate our purpose – are you living in it?  What were you created for?  Each of you has grit, I’ve seen it in the way you push yourself in these beatdowns – what are you using it for?  Do you know? SYITG



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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