The Octagon | 7.27.20 | 77 degrees

Q: Bloodshot

PAX: Hoosegow, Baby Grand, Tater Tot, Ponzi, Frosty, Polaroid, Room Service, Wide Right, Borland, Wentworth, Folsom, 2 Step, Hawg (RESPECT), Tin Cup, Stella!, Tenderfoot, The Plague, The Big One, Wait Time, Beta Max, Lucky Charms, Safe Ride, Grillz, Sister Act, Spread Sheet (HATE).

YHC welcomed PAX to the Octagon for it’s launch party, exclaimed the mission statement, 5 core principles of F3, and disclaimer. PAX entered the Octagon for the first of many Monday morning beatdowns. One lap mosey ended in the middle for warm-a-rama.

W-A-R: SSH x20 ; Sungods 10×2 ; Tappy Taps x12 ; Windmills x12 ; Hillbilly Rockettes x 12 ATM: alternating shoulder taps x 15, tempo merkins x 10, merkins x 10

Pre-Thing: Wilt Chamberlin: 100 LBC divided into 3 sets, run 100 feet, 100 squats divided into 3 sets. YHC checked time and decided to move to the thang

The Thang: Blackjack: 21PAX paired up with similar fitness for this exercise. Run up Octagon Hill and 1 merkin at the top. Return to bottom and do 20 big boy situps. Run up and do 2 merkins, returning to bottom for 19 big boy situps. Ascending number of merkins and descending number of big boy situps always equaling 21 (blackjack). Pairing up and mumble chatter pushed the PAX until Omaha was called at 6:05. A victory pose at the top of the hill concluded the Thang.

6MOM:Leg Raises x15LBC x 15Heel touches x 15Crunchy frog x 15Flutter kicks x 15American Hammer x 15

COT: Heartfelt thank you to Saferide (EH), Folsom, Tater Tot, Plague, Wait Time, and F3 Omaha. My story echos many PAX in the 1st F. The 2nd and 3rd F is where I have felt very much saved from sad clown syndrome. I used to think that there is no way timing would have worked to have F3 in my life 2 years or more before. With twins and work I used to think it could not have worked. But after reflecting I realize that I needed F3 the most to both share with and lean on in those times. Which led me to something I wrote on my Weinke but am not sure I even mentioned. A quote from last summer to the world herald : “get in where you can fit in”. Sometimes it means buisers coming to coffee, PAX posting for the first in a while, or pre-runners/ruckers leaving before the workout. Catching a first friday or HDHH without posting all week all help to forge male community leadership. Once again I am humbled and honored to be your site Q for the Octagon. SYITG- Bloodshot

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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