The Oracle (6am) Backblast: Work out days alleviate my “Grown-Up” Tantrums.

The Oracle /7-25-20 / Aldrich Elementary / 6 AM beatdown

Q: Gunner PAX: The Curse, Vandalay, DaVinci, Khakis, Greek Freak, Thor, Roadhouse, Wait Time, Tube Socks, Tater Tot


  1. 15 Hairy Rockettes
  2. 15 Hillbillies
  3. 15 Yoga Toe Touches
  4. 15 Ass Kickers
  5. 15 Blades of steel
  6. 8 Dive Bombers

Pre Thang-

Set 1 – ALL 20 I.C.1Set 2 – ALL 20 I.C.1Set 3 – ALL 20 I.C.
Squat JacksUSquat JacksUSquat Jacks
Mountain ClimbersOMountain ClimbersOMountain Climbers
Butt Kicks (in place)NButt Kicks (in place)NButt Kicks (in place)
High KneesTHigh KneesTHigh Knees
Mummy Kicks Mummy Kicks Mummy Kicks

The Thang

Set up a course – start line with 4 stations.

Inch Worm to First line –

  1. 15 IC Mountain Man Poopers
  2. 15 IC Pickle Pushers
  3. 15 IC Mountain Man Poopers

Frog Jumps to the next line

  1. 12 IC Makhtar N’Daiyes
  2. 12 Turkish Get-Ups
  3. 12 IC Makhtar N’Daiyes

Crab Cake to the Next station

  1. 20 IC Hydraulic Squats
  2. 20 IC Monkey Humpers
  3. 20 IC Hydraulic Squats

Broad Jump to Next Station

Sprint back to Start


Calf Raises

  1. 25 IC – Toe-Out; 25 IC – Toe-out; 25 IC – straight feet
  2. 20 Inverted Toe – touchers
  3. 15 X Cross Sit-Ups
  4. 25 IC-American Hammers


Throwing an Adult temper tantrum over stupid stuff. I still need to learn to capture my anger much earlier as it disrupts my production and focus.  Doing the early morning work outs help reduce my tantrums directed at others.  There is a major difference in my attitude and behavior on the days I work out and the days I don’t. Work out days alleviate my “Grown-Up” Tantrums.

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