The Pit Backblast: Strong core for life’s paradigm shifts

Strong Core for life’s paradigm shifts

The Pit | Halleck Park

77 degrees

Q: Bloodshot

PAX: Armbar, Firewalker, Gobbler, BetaMax, Tin Cup, Crab Cakes, Icy Hot, Tenderfoot, Crawl, Lucky Charms, Jean-Claude.

F3 mission, 5 core principles, and disclaimer were recited before a mosey to the baseball fields for warm-o-rama.  


SSH X 15 

Sungods 10 forward, 10 backward

Windmills x 15

Downward Dog / howl at the moon x 3

Mointainclimbers x 15

The Thang:  Bruce Lee Routine through Halleck Sports complex

6 core exercises 

1.      American Hammer

2.     Leg raises

3.     LBC

4.     Heel touches

5.     Crunchy Frog

6.     100s

20 reps each.  See F3 exicon for 100s

1st set of Bruce Lee done at baseball field. Mosey to the home plate bleachers for 60 dips (3 sets of 20) representing the 60 game season. YHC reminded PAX of 12:05 Brewers @ Cubs and 12:35 Orioles @ Red Sox.  

Mosey towards Racquetball wall with a stop before for 2nd set of Bruce Lee. At the wall PAX celebrated UFC/ boxing with 2 sets of wall sit punches x 10 and Iron Mike (Tyson) merkins x 10. YHC reminded PAX of UFC fight night tonight. 

3rd set of Bruce Lee on our way to the basketball courts. YHC informed the PAX of NBA scrimmages on tv tonight. Nuggets vs Pelicans @ 7:30pm. PAX did 30 Bobby Hurley’s for the 22 teams and 8 regular season games. 

After a short mosey to the football field, the PAX did their 4th set of Bruce Lee. We celebrated the NFL with Neon Deon Merkins x 10 then a mosey near the soccer fields.

YHC couldn’t find a schedule for live pro soccer and the PAX didn’t know of live games today but we honored soccer with high knees x 15. Set 5 of Bruce Lee was near completion when Omaha was called and a mosey to the shovel flags for Mary.  

6 MOM : American Hammers 2 each for 24 total. 

Announcements: starfish week and our mission. 2 club conundrum.  

Prayers: For Gobbler on his HOA election, new uncle armbar, PAX traveling, and silent prayers. 

COT: Paradigm Shift – Pivotal moment in which one time honored conceptual view is replaced.

YHC shared some major advances in his field in his relatively short time. Quote from philosopher Thomas Kuhn: “scientific advancement is not evolutionary, but a series of peaceful interludes punctuated by intellectually violent revolutions”. And that it doesn’t just happen but is driven by individuals.  It also happens within individuals and a reminder to appreciate our journey and the pivotal moments that change our once time honored views.  

SYITG – YHC Bloodshot

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