The Oracle /7-25-20 / Aldrich Elementary / 7 AM beatdown

Q: Gunner PAX: Wentworth, Vandelay, Selleck, Reba, Sweeper, Umbro, Hashtag, Tugboat, TC, Sister Act, Pothole


  1. 15 Hairy Rockettes
  2. 15 Hillbillies
  3. 15 Yoga Toe Touches
  4. 15 Ass Kickers
  5. 15 Rosalitas

Pre Thang-

  1. In People’s Chair – 10 IC Cherry Pickers..then a run across the field and back
  2. In People’s Chair – 20 Seal Claps…………. then a run across the field and back
  3. In People’s Chair – 30 Overhead Claps… then a run across the field and back
  4. In People’s Chair – 40 Shoulder Press… then a run across the field and back
  5. In People’s Chair – 10 IC Cherry Pickers ….then a mosey to the Thang

The Thang

Set up a course – start line with 4 stations.

Inch Worm to First line –

  1. 15 IC Mountain Man Poopers
  2. 15 IC Pickle Pushers
  3. 15 IC Mountain Man Poopers

Frog Jumps to the next line

  1. 12 IC Makhtar N’Daiyes
  2. 12 Turkish Get-Ups
  3. 12 IC Makhtar N’Daiyes

Crab Cake to the Next station

  1. 20 IC Hydraulic Squats
  2. 20 IC Monkey Humpers
  3. 20 IC Hydraulic Squats

Broad Jump to Next Station

Sprint back to Start


Calf Raises

  1. 25 IC – Toe-Out; 25 IC – Toe-out; 25 IC – straight feet
  2. 20 Inverted Toe – touchers
  3. 60 Seconds of Superman (@10 second intervals)
  4. 30 IC-American Hammers

Announcements – Tugboat announce the FIA for M’s at District 66 park for women’s workout.


Discussed my neighborly connection with the retired priest across the street. Explain the friendly and cordial connection we have and how I help him with all internet actions he needs.  I thought it was ridiculous he wanted not part of performing simple modern tasks, but before I could “tease” him about it, he stated how grateful he was and how my actions on the block have really improved the neighborhood-just by doing neighborly stuff.

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