Posting a backblast to the F3OMAHA website.

Expectation: all backblasts (except Murph) will be posted within 24 hours of a workout.

  1. Download the free WordPress App for your mobile device.
  2. Log onto the F3Omaha website and WordPress App

            User Name:

            Password: F3Omaha!

  • Inform your Qs to send you the backblast within 24 hours for posting.
  • When uploading the backblast, be sure to tag the correct AO
  • The website is designed to automatically Tweet a link to BB on F3Omaha Twitter Account.

Note: you can upload images to the Backblast if you choose (including the name-a-rama videos.  I find it easier to upload photos and video clips on the app.

  1. Log into site
  2. Open the “Posts” page
  3. Click “Add new post”
  4. Write Backblast and publish

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