F3 Foundation/History Lesson:

What is F3?

F3 Mission Statement: To plant, grow and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

F3 Origins: How F3 started – broke off from Campos (Freedom Park group) who wanted to stay a small group and not expand.  OBT/Dredd with permission broke off to share with others because they discovered that men in their “third phase” of life needed this the most.  They used the Starfish/Spider book to help establish an internal structure, and mobilize men to strengthen themselves in the community, fitness and faith.  F3 started on Jan 1, 2011 at AG Middle School in Charlotte NC with 35 men.  They broke up that group at AG to grow in August 2011.

F3 Greensboro: Winston-Salem (F3Dash) planted F3Greensboro on October 11, 2014.  It now has more than 35 workouts per week and 1000+ on the roster.

F3Omaha: In May 2016, Wait Time relocated from Greensboro to Omaha.  Over the next 18 months, Wait Time urged F3Nation to plant a new region in Nebraska.  In April 2018, F3Greensboro planted the first workout in Omaha.  Several GSO PAX – Sacked, Tommy Boy and Houlihan led the first workouts in Omaha.  On April 21, 2018, 26 men (#REDWOODS) posted at the first F3Omaha workout.  In the first four months, over 100 men have posted at workouts.


The Five Core Principles of an F3 Workout:

  1. Free of charge
  2. Open to All Men
  3. Always held Outdoors
  4. Led by Participants in a rotating fashion
  5. End with a COT

The Do’s and Don’ts for Starting an F3 Workout:


  • Invite Everyone (don’t judge whether or not he will be a good fit)
  • Nickname at first post (claim him as one of us)
  • Do CSAUP Events
  • Experiment (we have never done this before, but…)
    • YouTube, P90X, drills from sports you have played.
  • Read the Disclaimer – must be a part of every workout opening.
  • Cover your 6.  NO MAN LEFT BEHIND.
    • Good practice on longer runs are to count off and keep counting off, or assign battle buddies.
    • Good practice is to have two folks covering your 6.


  • Do it alone.
  • Don’t be satisfied with size of the workout (if you’re not growing, you’re dying)
  • Don’t hesitate to break it up (addition by division)
  • Don’t violate the core principles

CADENCE MATTERS!.  We will practice.  It sounds easy and it is (once you get the hang of it).

Four Part Command:

The next exercise is_________________.

Starting Position….Move (let the pax get in position).

In Cadence


Count the cadence.  PAX counts reps…Inflection of Voice during Count on last rep….”Halt” from PAX

RECOVER: recover is used to break an exercise or position.  If you don’t want the PAX to stand up after doing LBC, don’t call recover.  Just call next exercise.

Watch the pace of the cadence.  Typically it is done too fast.  Make the count match the movement.


Before the workout:

  1. Pre-blast on Twitter.
    1. Short reminder about the upcoming workout
    1. Can be a simple tweet, but should be fun (create excitement)
  2. Make your workout plan – timing and exercises
    1. Plan to keep the six engaged and the Sugar Rays moving.
    1. If workout plan is too long, call OMAHA and remain on time
    1. If workout plan is too short, RINSE AND REPEAT
  3. Develop  a workout that focuses on a full body workout
  4. Phases of workout:
    1. Welcome and disclaimer
    1. Warm-O-Rama.  Prep the muscle groups for the THANG
    1. The THANG
    1. Six Minutes of Mary (Core Workout ending)
      1. 6MOM provides a buffer for timing.  If workout runs short, then do longer 6MOM.
      1. 6MOM occurs at Shovel Flag
    1. COT
      1. Count Off
      1. Name-A-Rama (Hospital Name, Age, F3 Name)
      1. Name FNG
      1. Announcements
      1. Prayer/Moment of Inspiration (if not comfortable ending with prayer, call on another member of PAX to close it out)
      1. If you can’t do it, don’t Q it.
      1. NEVER wing it.
      1. Set an example for PAX
        1. Leaders are confident, competent, courageous and committed
        1. A poor plan executed with confidence and enthusiasm is worth more than a great plan executed poorly.  If the PAX wanted an expert trainer they would go to the gym.  Don’t aim for perfection.
        1. If you need to practice your cadence or walk your AO do it.  Practice cadence if needed – kiddos are great for practicing.
      1. Don’t demonstrate every exercise unless it is new to PAX.  The PAX can demonstrate exercises for the FNGs.
      1. Always keep the PAX in motion.  Minimize downtime and standing around.
      1. Bring a Weinke.  It is okay to have notes.  Be aware of darkness of the gloom and ability to read the notes.
      1. Bring a phone.  Phone is first and foremost about safety.  Secondly, phone is needed for name-a-rama.

During the workout:

  • Greet the PAX and meet new/unfamiliar guys.  Guys looking to discover the Q for the day.
  • Start and end on time.  Manage clock and wear a watch.
  • Start with Welcome.  Ask for FNGs.  Tell them they are an FNG (until named at end of workout)
  • Disclaimer:
  • Focus on exercise form.  Encourage good form and modification.
  • Cover your six.  No man left behind.
  • Get contact information from FNGs at end of the workout.

After the workout:

  1. Write the backblast and send to Site Q.  Ensure that FNG contact info included in backblast.  Backblast should be creative, witty.  List all men who joined.
  2. Tweet number that posted at workout within two hours of workout.
F3Omaha - 2096 posts

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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