PAX: Hard Hat, Wheaties, Sump Pump, Creed, The Curse, LPC, Toto, Thermo, Sasquash , Crab Cakes, Stogie, Thor, Kingsford, Hawg, Penny Pincher, Convoy, Butterfly, McConaughey, LeDoux
Q: LeDoux (VQ)

Pleasant 72 degrees with a light wind off the lake and 69% humidity.

Before the beatdown the group was asked to think about Expectations:
Today’s beatdown is about expectations. Think about how you expected to feel when you got up this morning. When you are working in your groups, what do you think others expect of you and how does that influence you? When things get hard, what do you expect of yourself?

On the football field
SSH 20 IC Tappy Taps 15 IC Imperial Walkers 20 IC Sun Gods (front & back) 10 IC each way

The group moseyed to the field near Copperfield park parking lot, .5 mi east.

THA-THANG: Life Expectation
PAX were broken into groups of 3 and asked to acquire river rocks.
10 Kettlebell swings…….first exercise…..….run up hill…….1 Burpee…….run back
9 Kettlebell swings…….second exercise…….run up hill…….2 Burpees…….run back
…………………………………….…………Continue Pyramid…………………………………………….
1 Kettlebell swing…….tenth exercise…….run up hill……10 Burpees…….run back

Merkins – 25
Monkey Humpers – 20 (IC)
Carolina Dry Docks – 20
Bobby Hurleys – 25
Straight Leg Dips – 30
Copperhead Squats – 25 (IC)
Hand Release Merkins – 20
Romanian Deadlift (RDL) wRock – 15
Seal Jacks – 20 (IC)
Bonnie Blairs – 30
Omaha was called at 6am on the dot. Most groups were close to finishing

PAX used a Goose Run east on F street back to the flag.
Flutter Kicks (IC): 25
War Hammers: 5:20
Circle of Trust:
There were no announcements
Prayer Requests for leadership
Message: Life Expectations
I read a study recently about mid-life crisis, what they are and why they happen.
The study found that life satisfaction starts to decline in your 30s and bottoms out in our mid 40s to mid 50s. I look around this group, and just about all of us are prime candidates for dealing with this.
The idea has been around since the 40s but this particular study followed some 23,000 people through their life and what they found is this phenomenon spans all cultures around the world, impacts all cross sections of socio economic, gender, race – it doesn’t discriminate
They realized its all about your expectations of what life will be. In your 20s you have a rosey idea of the future and you believe anything is possible. However, by the time you hit 40s you realize life likely didn’t go the way you thought. Even people who achieved the title or started their own business are struggling because it isn’t what they thought. It’s a double misery made up of disappointment and evaporating aspirations.
Then at some point in your 50s expected life satisfaction aligns with current satisfaction and you stop carrying about regret and accept life.
I tell you this now and asked you to think about expectations earlier because what it boils down to is our lower life satisfaction is simply where we are vs. our expectation. In reality, many of us have wonderful lives and many things we should be grateful for.
Offer three things:
1. Get professional help. There are people trained to help you work through this, even free ones through Lifegate
2. Be aware that part of the problem is your own expectations. And knowing is half the battle 3. Rely on the F3 community


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