July 22, 2020|Paradise Bakery, Regency | AO – Paradise Island | 68°

PAX: Fire Walker, Biff, Vandelay, Geiko, Tenderfoot, Pablo, Khakis, Splinter, Billie Rae (FNG), Saul, Blue Chip, Bagpipes (FNG), Merch, Shackles, Buns of Steel, LPC, Two Step, Smashmouth, Finkel, The Plague

Q: The Plague

PAX moseyed to warm-a-rama
• SSH 20 IC
• High knees 20 IC
• Jump tucks 10 on up

The Thang
PAX moseyed around the Paradise Island AO searching for the lost treasure.

● Stop 1 – 20 plank jack Merkins, mosey
● Stop 2 – 20 box jump and burpee with partner, mosey
● Stop 3 – 5 burpees > bear crawl up > 10 merkins > crawl bear down X2, mosey
● Stop 4 – 20 box jump and burpee with partner, mosey back to flag

● American Freddie Hammers – 20 IC

• Impact your Concentrica – You can’t cherish your M if you’re obsessed with yourself.
• In order to get out of selfishness you need to accelerate your faith.
• In your search for the WHAT-WHAT, be vulnerable and lean on other men to help grow your understanding of faith.
• Growing your faith will allow you to have a greater impact on your community

The Plague

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