Heavy Metal – Tall Trees


July 22, 2020/Stinson Park/AO – Heavy Metal/Temperature: 70ish degrees with a beautiful sunrise.

Pax: Honey Stinger, Beta Max, Bloodshot, Higgins (Hate!), Baby Grand, STELLA, Folsom, Huffy, TC (RESPECT!), Hipster (RESPECT!), Swinger, Wentworth, Frosty.

Q: Safe Ride

Safe Ride welcomed the Pax on the stage in Stinson Park at 5:30am.  The Mission Statement and Disclaimer were given.  Then the pain began.


Mosey around the park and then back to the stage:

  1. SSH x 20 IC
  2. Mountain climbers x 15 IC
  3. Merkins 15
  4. Monkey Humpers x 15 IC


The PAX took a very short mosey to the bottom of the hill near Center Street.  From there, the men bear crawled up the hill and jogged back down x 2.  Plank until the 6 is in during each round. 


The PAX returned to the stage and formed a circle.  Safe Ride designated Folsom who would run from the stage back to the top of the hill near Center and then return to the stage.  During the run the remainder of the PAX performed an exercise.  Upon return the PAX would change exercises and the next HIM would run.  The PAX went through the following exercises:

  1. Goblet Squat
  2. Dead Lift
  3. Alternating lunge with twists
  4. Flutter kicks
  5. Curls
  6. Triceps over head
  7. Hammer curl
  8. Big Boys
  9. Shoulder Press
  10. Bench Press
  11. Bent Over Row

At the end of the cycle everyone did 20 Mountain Climbers IC.  Rinse and Repeat until Omaha was called at 6:08am.


The PAX remained on the stage for a quick Mary.

  1. Freddie Mercuries – 25 IC
  2. Marge & Homer
  3. American Hammers – brought to you by TC.


For the COT, Safe Ride read the following quote from Nelson Mandela: “The tallest trees on Earth can’t top the heights you’ve been conquering.”  Keep accelerating, gentlemen. 


  • Prayers to those PAX traveling. 
  • Continued TAPs for Lowman as he recovers from his bicycle accident
  • Lots of expansion happening.  Official start of Sandlot tomorrow (Firewalker is the Site Q); next week we have the Octagon starting on Monday (Bloodshot); The Battlefield on Thursday (Grillz); The Combine on Friday (Sparty); and The Canyon on Saturday (Waffe House and TC)
  • Safe Ride closed us out in prayer.

Much Love!

Safe Ride

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