July 21, 2020

AO – The Colosseum

72 degrees; rain

Q – Stella

Pax: Safe Ride, Tenderfoot, Pony Express, Grillz, Chiclets, Greek Freak, T-Bird, Rim Rod, Sister Act, Tin Cup, Stella.

5:30 AMWelcome PAX.  F3 Mission and Core Principals reviewed.  Disclaimer given.  Short mosey 3/4 around track to middle of field of for Warm-A-Rama. 


  • SSH – 25 IC
  • Tappy taps
  • Windmills
  • Sun Gods
  • Windmills
  • Butt Kicks
  • Dirty Dawg

Pre-Thang:  Line up in middle of field longwise.  Bear crawl to sideline for 20 Monkey Humpers.  Lunge back to starting position.  Bear crawl back for 15 additional Monkey Humpers.  For the return, the PAX all bunny hopped or broad jumped back. 

The Thang:PAX split up into groups of 3 or 4.  This was a team workout.  Each group competed the first exercise listed below, ran to 50 yard line for 10 hand release merkins.  We then continued down the field to the opposite endzone to do the same exercise that was done in the opposite endzone.  As we ran back, we stopped each time on the 50 yard line for 10 Big Boys.  We then moved onto next exercise, repeat, etc….  

5 – Burpees

10 – Tempo Merkins

15  – Alternating Shoulder Taps (IC)

20 – Carolina Dry Docks

25 – Hand Release Merkins

30 – Bobby Hurleys

35  – Crabwalk Touches (each foot = 1)

40 – Air squats

45 – SSH (IC)

50 –  Cherry Pickers

Omaha called at 6:06 AM.All groups made it to Air Squats.Lots of mumble chatter about hand release merkins and workout being shoulder heavy.  Peak chatter occurred after doing 25, 10, 25 sets of hand release in a row… 

Mary:  American Hammers

COT:  Pax counted off and did Namarama.  Prayer requests mentioned and noted.  NEW AOs opening up SOON! Check Twitter.  TAPs to Lowman and his recovery.   Short COT about life being easier when you have a team, than being alone. It today’s workout, it was easier to get through and push ourselves due to the other team members helping count and being by your side.  In F3, there are HIM who are ready, willing and able to talk to other PAX about any issues or struggles they have.  Live as a TEAM!

Coffee followed in Starbucks Parking lot.



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