Maize Backblast 7/16/20

At 5:25AM a whopping 5 brothers wondered if the gloom would consist of the Michigan’s fab five. Not so fast, 12 more came zooming in with a notable 3 FNG’s for a 5:30AM sharp start.

PAX: The Curse, Chisel, Birdman, Stogie, FNG – Duff, Convoy, Hard Hat, FNG – Chipper, FNG – IZ, Thor, Kingsford, Mona Lisa, Kingpin, Uncle Rico, Crab Cakes, Mufasa, Sasquash

QIC: Sasquash

The fog was in full force but the PAX were ready for a beatdown as they stood in silence waiting for duty.

Warm-o-Rama came and went fast on the b-ball court as the thang was a full plate of meat and potatoes. Once we counted off 17 men, we moseyed for the top of a mini hill.

Sasquash retired from soccer years ago but has found a way to incorporate the ball in his workouts. This time the PAX made its way to the mini hill where they would spend some quality time doing one of the following workouts while teams of two set forth for the not so visible goal post and back with the ball on the ground in under 2 minutes. If over the allotted time, the whole team would be forced into burpee land. Once 17 and 1 got back, 2 and 3 would take the ball for a journey. And so forth! All teams of two squared below the 2 minute mark.


Mountain climbers

Monkey humpers

Merkin hold

Wide Merkins


Bobby Hurley’s

Dying cockroach

Cherry Pickers

Carolina dryducks

Al Gore

Rinse and repeat!

Before long, these 2 minute intervals seemed like an eternity as we all awaited the return of the teams of two.

It was then time for our mosey back to the missing shovel flag for Mary. Mary brought windshield wipers, heel touches and a final touch of tradition, the American hammer!

3 FNGS were named during the Circle of Trust!!!

Prayers were needed for a brothers buddies baby needing surgery.

Sasquash’s message centered around small consistent activities over a long period of time. “That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed but that our power to do has increased.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

It was noted that Uncle Rico and Sasquash have drank over half of their body weight in ounces of water every single day in 2020!

Don’t take life for granted, make the most of every day and good things will happen!



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