F3 Oracle, 071120

Q: TC.

No FNGs. Slight warma rama while listening to welcome and disclaimers.

Mosey to grass West. Warma-Rama w some Yoga

– 15 SSH

– 10+10 Sobriety Sun Gods, chinooks.

– Monkey Humpers

– High Knees

– Skiers

YOGA – one set each, L and R

– Tree, to hang stretch, walk out to plank, pushup, to DD, to plank, pushup to Upward D, to plank, right leg up to sky… swing through to runner’s pose, to warrior 1, to warrior 2, to reverse warrior – then do all in reverse sequence back to Tree.

– Repeat Left side.

Mosey to the thang

LADDER #1 Lunge Walk + Air Squat

Scaling UP – FROM 1 to 13 reps.

– Knee touches the ground on the lunge walk

– Get deep on those air squats – 90 degree knee bend

LADDER #2 Bear crawl + Merkin

Scale DWN – FROM 13 to 1 rep

– crawl like you are a mean bear

– Any style merkin you want – wide, regular, ranger, diamond, seal flippers

LADDER #3 Bobby Hurleys + Monkey Humpers (IC)

SCALING UP – to 13 reps

– Advance your position – jump forward on the Hurleys

– Four count humpers – get them all!

LADDER #4 Crab Walk (face forward) + Big Boys

scaling DOWN – FROM 13 to 1 rep

– Crab Walk facing forward, feel those hammies

– “YELP” on the Big Boy “up” ! Let’s hear it.

Rinse it all and begin again as time allows. End on Omaha.

Mosey back to grassy area by flags. Six MOM.


Gas pumpers

Bicycles – forward

Bicycles – backward


Flutter Kicks

Gas Pumpers

Prayers and Announcements:

– T-claps to all Queen Service Shared Accountability Challenge participants

– 10 seconds of silence for all prayers and intentions

COT: Yesterday is gone, history – we can reflect and learn from it, but it is gone. Tomorrow is uncertain, not a guarantee – ok to plan and strategize, but don’t obsess. Better, to focus on now – the next five minutes. The next email, the conversation you have – how you respond to your M or your 2.0. the next pushup… OR, the next snack, food item we choose to put in our mouth – to achieve our goals, we are better to just think about “excellence in the next five minutes” …

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