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How the Gloom got started: 75-85 degrees, just straight muggy. HYC, Slow Pitch pulled up and saw AO Site Q Vandelay, planting the shovel flags into the, rock hard, ground a little before 5:30. Tube Socks got out of his car because he’s a beast and he was going to get extra credit. Those two, tennis shoe warriors, took off on a pre-run, while today’s Q was preparing for today’s humid beatdown. Gonna be sweaty, boys. PAX started showing up about the time Q got finished setting up and there was a distant “Slow Pitch!” being shouted from about 100 yards out, by the shovel flags. Good energy from the get! 18 other PAX gather at the flags. There’s an FNG…good job FDIC!

19 PAX – A-Bomb, Arm Bruh, Bubbles, Pele, Convoy, Frosty, Vandelay, Rancid, 2-Step, Tube Socks, Roadhouse, Othello, Spreadsheet, Saul, FDIC, FNG (Rampage), Salt Life, DaVinci (Respect, Respect), Slow Pitch

Mission Statement and Principles of F3:

Slow Pitch had the F3 mission statement memorized and somehow added a 6th core principle. Lots of PAX willing to help, but most enjoy watching the show.

Start with Mosey: Outward chest press together (on Out) Mosey:

This started to be called on the “out,” but Slow Pitch quickly realized what he wrote on the Weinke and what he is capable of doing are two different things. OYO, on the “outs,” was the modification and the mosey went around the front parking lot to the back of the school to the field on the West side. The PAX lined up on the cones for a Warma warma rama (This is quite possibly the first ever warma warma, but will not be researched thouroughly).

Warma Warm a Rama:

Lunge Ladder: Cones lined up 30 yards apart

All PAX, start on line, one step, one iso lunge, two steps, two iso lunges, three steps, three iso’s…building up until crossing the plane of the next set of cones. Al Gore until rest of group finishes stop. Turn around:

Squat Ladder: One Air Squat, one Broad Jump, two Air Squats, two Broad Jumps, three Air Squats, three Broad Jumps… building up until crossing the plane of the next set of cones. Al Gore until rest of group finishes stop. Whoopsies, the Q didn’t plan on his legs getting wobbly before the warma rama.

Warmarama: Circle up on field count off in 1’s and 2’s

Calf Raises: 25

Alt High Kicks to feet: 20 IC

Enter exercise, from poor idea book, by the Q here:

To be done at the same time:

Rotating SSH: 1’s Clockwise 20 IC

Rotating SSH: 2’s Counterclockwise 20 IC

Now unwind and reverse. Although, this was visually, completely awesome to witness the circling PAX, doing rotating SSH, every other member in opposite directions, this was a poor idea. There was extreme dizziness by some PAX members and the Q had a very rough time getting his bearings for the next exercise.

Windmills: 15 IC (Slow Pitch’s balance and equilibrium was so off; he couldn’t figure out how to do this simple exercise).

Goofball Mosey: Mosey with OYO Goofball hands to wall by basketball courts.

Pre-Thang: 10-1 (11’s) Donkey Kicks to hold feet on wall

10 Donkey Kicks, 1 Count Feet on Wall

9 Donkey Kicks, hold last kick on wall for 2 count

8 Donkey Kicks, hold last kick on wall for 3 count…to 1 Donkey Kick to hold last kick on wall for 10 count.

Synopsis of the Pre-Thang entry, in Slow Pitch’s Q diary: Well, this was more than the Q shoulda done out of the gate. It was a very aggressive move before the thang. This created significant discomfort, shortness of breath, residual dizziness and profuse sweating. Due to the nature of the exercise and pace the of the “ups” there was plenty of mumble chatter, the Q begged someone for a mercy count, Vandelay, the true HIM he is, just saved the Q from needing CPR. PAX members; Roadhouse, Arm bar, Bubbles and Slow Pitch, to name a few were close to dead, but those first three are titans and only phased for a 10 count. Might not do this again…moving on

Overhead Seal Clap Mosey (shoulders are now toast) to cones set up in field to the West of the school and partner off.

The Thang: Complete with your partner, rinse and repeat when completed

Round 1: 10-1 (11’s) Groiners to Merkins

10 Groiners, Mosey 30 yards, 1 Merkin, Mosey back 30 yards

9 Groiners, Mosey 30 yards, 2 Merkins, Mosey back 30 yards

8 Groiners, Mosey 30 yards, 3 Merkins, Mosey back 30 yards…to 1 Groiner, Mosey 30 yards, 10 Merkins, Mosey back 30 yards

Any groups finishing before the six, helped pick them up and either helped them finish out or planked.

Round 2: 10-1 (11’s) HR Burpees backwards mosey to Full Ups

Repeat round one’s pattern. The problem here is that the Q’s legs are now not functioning and running backwards has become near impossible. His partner DaVinci (Respect, Respect) continued to encourage and inspire him to occasionally jog, but gas tank was empty.

Omaha called at 6:42,

Overhead air press Mosey (these are so stupid Arm Bar) to playground for Mary


Big One’s: 20 on up (Arm Bar)

E2K’s: 10 each side (Othello left side, FDIC Right)

Gas Pumpers: 20 IC (Bubbles)

American Hammers: Frosty declined to lead, using only sign language, due to no oxygen near his lips or lungs, 30 IC (C’mon Rancid you couldn’t just say 20?)

NOR – FNG Rampage

Announcements: All the sites opening, prayers for Lowman

COT: Being Vulnerable and Accountability

Naturally, I have trust issues; I am insecure about people’s perception of me. Historically, I’m a dishonest person. My faith isn’t a constant. I suffer from envy. I get angry when I don’t get my way. I can put myself in front of others. I can be a controlling person. I am judgmental of you and others. I act as if I am better than you. I act as if I am less than you. I act like I am not an equal to you. I have hurt people with my words and actions. I ignore my children and wife, when I should be present. I am not open minded to your suggestions and I am telling you these things to be accountable to you and myself and God.

I have come to realize, that if and when I share these things out loud to others, I take steps towards being more honest with myself, with others and hopefully with God. These shortcomings lose their weight. My relationships with others get stronger because they begin to see the true me and not a façade or mascot of something I’m not. I begin to have accountability and integrity when I am alone, not just in front of you. My actions and words begin to change. I get to see God work through others. I get to be an equal. I get to be a man, a husband, a dad, a brother, a friend and an employee. You get to see me and in return, you give me some of you.

What a gift you have given me. You men in this circle show me how to be; by your actions, words and faith and you are some of the men that I want to be like, when I grow up. Thank you for your examples.

Saul Prayed us out

I am constantly inspired and humbled by the great men in F3 Omaha!

-Slow Pitch

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