Wild Kingdom (7/14/20) – On Being Present
July 14, 2020 | AO – Wild Kingdom | 75° with high humidity
PAX: Nitro, LeDoux, Butterfly, Fire-Walker, Convoy, FDIC, Patton, Fallout, Riverdance, Uncle Rico, Hard Hat, Birdman, Tree-stand, Short-Sale, Tonight Show, LPC, Wait Time, Roadhouse, The Curse, Red October, Slick
Q: Slick
At promptly 5:30, PAX were welcomed to a beautiful morning at the Wild Kingdom. Explanation of the mission of F3, the core principles, and that Slick is NOT a professional so modify as necessary. No FNGs this morning.
Call to arms form Slick reminding the men they have nowhere else to be so be present and fully enjoy every aspect of the workout on this beautiful gloom.
PAX moseyed to a grassy-knoll adjacent shovel-flags
– SSH – 20 IC
– Cherry Pickers – 10 IC
– Plank/side/side x 30 seconds
Pre-Thang: Partner Up!
– Partner 1: Air Squats and/or Deep Al Gore
– Partner 2: Run up hill, 3 burpees, run down hill
– Switch
Mosey to field
The Thang – 2-man Grinder
– Partner 1: Run/shuffle (switch every 30 yards) for 120 yards
– Partner 2: All AMRAP
o Merkins
o Clockwork Lunges (rotate legs while partner pushes!)
 R: 12, 2, 3, 5, 6
 L: 12, 10, 9, 7, 6
o Crunchy Frog
o Burpees
o Sumo Squats
o Plank Jacks
– Rinse and Repeat until OMAHA!
Mosey to Shovel-Flags
– 30 Am Hams
Count-o-rama/Name-o-rama/FNG Naming (Patton & Riverdance)
– 5 new AOs launching in the next few weeks all over Omaha (3 workouts each day of the week)
– Sign up for a few spots left for Blood Drive this Friday
– Short-Sale’s grandma Lila battling Cancer
– Uncle Rico’s friend’s Mom passed away recently
– Lyn/Josh
“If you make where you are going more important than where you are, there may be no point in going.” – Alan Watts
– This resonates with all of us as there is always things to worry about/prepare for in the future pulling you one way; and always things from your past haunting you or pushing you to rest on your laurels the other way. That doesn’t leave a lot of organic time to live in the space in front of you and around you fully. It’s easy to go through life living in our heads and not actually being present to the current moments. That current moment is truly the only reality there actually is. Everything else is a simulation of existence in our heads.
– I want to challenge the group to take time today to pause and come fully back into your body, and use all 5 of your senses at the same time. Hear the sounds around you, feel the air on your skin and face, smell and taste what is around, and see what is in front of you with conscious awareness.
– It isn’t often we are living in-tune with all 5 sense at the same time, but it is intoxicating to do so!
– There is a natural rhythm of planning and processing that needs to happen as humans, but it is our mission to increase the amount of time in our day we are living fully present with all of our senses so as to not waste away that opportunity.

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