The Pit Backblast – July 11, 2020 | Beautiful morning after a week of storms being predicted. Low 70s and sunny

PAX: Gobler, Smashmouth, Huffy, Safe Ride, Fire Walker, Gunner, Waffle House (Respect!), Tender Foot, Bloodshot, Nitro, Kilebasa, Gipper, Othello, Buns of Steel, Trip (FNG), Knobbs, Honey Badger, Sourdough, The Plague, Beta Max

Q: Lucky Charms

Before the workout, YHC game Waffle House two options for a workout: 1. Where we stayed within 50 yards of the shovel flags, and another that toured us around all corners of the park. Waffle House decided a tour was needed and the traveling workout was chosen.

At 7:00:01, Lucky Charms silenced the crowd, stopped their fun and began the workout by Welcoming everyone, reminding everyone of the mission and core values of F3, and reminded everyone he is not a professional. After a quick count-off, the PAX moseyed a short distance for Warm-A-Rama.

• Tappy Taps x 10 IC
• Alternating Shoulder Taps x 10 IC
• Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
• Howl stretch x 5
LC told everyone that today there were several “holidays” we would be celebrating via workout and that we would be smiling and tyring to have some fun. With that, the PAX moseyed north to soccer fields between the road into the park and the bike path.

STOP 1/Celebration 1: Cheer Up The Lonely Day
Inspired by the laughs and beatdown combination of creeper corner at The Woodshed, the PAX lined up parallel to the road the walking path to help bring some cheer to the lonely sad clowns around us.
• Goofballs x 20 IC
• Ponzi Pinchers x 20 IC
• Oh Yeahs x 10 Each Arm
• Pickle Pushers x 20 IC
• Hillbilly Rockettes x 20 IC
• Crab Cakes x 10
• Skip to far goal post
• Rinsed and repeated and got through Hillbilly Rockettes before Omaha was called on this celebration.
Mosey to path in the middle of park near lots of trees. T-claps to Waffle House and Gunner for cruising through the path (despite the potential danger of their speed).

STOP 2/Celebration 2: Rainier Cherry Day
• Cherry Pickers x 20 IC
• Cherry Hurleys x 20 on up (Bobby Hurleys, but we are picking cherriess off trees and putting in our baskets)
• People’s Chairies x 30 seconds against a tree. Bloodshot, Knobbs, and Buns of Steel chose how to hold our arms out up or to the side while holding and each did a 10-count.
Mosey to football field, again at Moch-3 by Waffle House (RESPECT!)

Stop 3/Celebration 3: Blueberry Muffin Day (work off our muffin tops)
Wanting to have some more fun and also find ways to burn off some muffin tops (Inspired by the current queens service challenge), PAX had the opportunity to kick field goals. A miss meant we did the full amount planned. A made field goal cut the exercise in half. After ball was kicked, immediately started the exercise. When complete, kicker sprinted to retreive the ball while the remaining PAX did an exercise until the return. NOTE: Went 0-4 the first round through (won’t name who missed to protect their identity and pride). Then went 4-4 on the rinse and repeat.
• High Knees x 30 IC
o Plank until next field goal kicked and retrieved
• Low Dollies x 35 on open
o Superman hold until field goal kicked and retrieved.
• Bonnie Blairs x 20 IC
o Heal touches until field goal kicked and retrieved.
• Burpees x 10 OYO
o Air squat until field goal kicked and retreived
• Rinse and Repeat
Mosey to southwest corner of park near Veterans memorial (Al Gore to the 6). Ran backward the last 100 yards.

Stop 4/Celebration 4: All-American Pet Photo Day.
We didn’t have any pets (did have a Gobler and a Honey Badger though). So we decided to just celebrate the American part.
• Merkins x 20 on down
• Hammers x 20 IC
Bonus exercises were added not necessarily associated with any specific celebration, but just for fun and to make sure we got to 700 calories burned.
• Squat jumps x 20
• Starting in a circle, we performed walking lunges done in a circle and stopping where you began.
Began mosey back toward shovel flag and had one more stop/celebration

Stop 5/Celebration 5: 7-Eleven Day
Circled up in some shade and did 7 Merkins with a Row followed by 11 Hiyaski squats. Then 8 and 10, 9 and 9, etc. Until we had 11 Merkins with a Row and 7 Hiyaski squats.
No time for Mary because we celebrated so dang hard around the park.

• Sourdough will be moving to Maryland soon and is expecting a baby. Big changes ahead. Help me wish him all the best!
• Congrats to GIpper on his young 2.0
• 1-year celebration at The Pit Next Week and The Plague’s anniversary. Look for more information to come!
• 5 new AOs popping up in the next month. Look to twitter and Slack for more info
• Blood drive on 7/17. More donors needed

We have had a lot of deep thoughts and intense conversations about sensitive information over the past few months. So today, let’s all slow down and find a way to celebrate the small things. Take time to apprecaite the things happening around you despite the current state of a lot of things around the world.

YHC lead us out in a brief prayer.

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