Wednesday, July 15, 2020 | Paradise Island | Regency | 62 degrees & Cloudy

Pax: Khakis (Respect), Radar, Icy Hot, FDIC, Nugent, Big One, Gunner, The Plague, Blue Suede, Vandelay (Respect), 2 Step, Slow Pitch, Buns Of Steel, Scrapper, The Curse, BIF, Finkle (FNG), Splinter, Geico (FNG), Sparty

QIC: Sparty

Promptly at 5:15am, a warm welcome to F3: Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

Our mission is to Plant, Grow, and Serve small work out groups for men for the invigoration of Male Community Leadership.

Our core principles are that we are Free, Open to all Men, Heldoutdoors, Lead in a rotating fashion, and we always end in a Circle of Trust

2 FNG’s were welcomed, and then the disclaimer was delivered that Sparty is not a professional and that the PAX should modify if they need to. Also, an uncertain disclaimer of what the lightening may have in store for us.

The PAX started right there at the flags for a “Blue Suede Warm-a-rama” of 5 SSH IC, then it was time to mosey. Concern floated over the HIM as the then realized that they were going straight into the Pain Stations.

Pain Stations of “22’s”1. Parking Lot – ATMs (22), LBCs (22 IC) – the PAX arrived confidently and as the Cadence for Alternating Shoulder Taps surpassed a 15 count, giggles and tears started to flow. When the Tempo Merkins then went to a 22 count (IC), everyone knew this was not going to be an easy mosey around the lake. After the exercises were completed and the PAX set off on their 2nd mosey, Slow Pitch was the only one that had the courage to run next to Sparty. “22 ATMs, huh? That’s how this is gonna go down?” Sparty assured him it was all down hill from there.2. Regency Apartment Entrance – Hand Release Merkins (22), Flutter Kicks (22 IC) – The PAX started filing in and held a plank until the 6 arrived. As 5 HIM moseyed in with Radar, a 10 count from The Plague was very necessary. Khakis’ (Respect) intuition and leadership set in immediately as he thought it might be best for he and Radar to just keep running during station 2 and to meet up at the next stop. After the 2nd station, the light bulb had finally gone off and the PAX started to realize that “22” had a significance but didn’t know why. Mosey.3. Flowerpot, bottom of hill – Dips (22), Gas Pumpers (22 IC)– the PAX came in strong and held an Al Gore as the 6 wasn’t far behind. The PAX squeezed in tight for Dips and the mood had noticeably changed for the better. But then the Mosey up the hill created some mumblings about what may await them at the top of the hill. “22 Burpees???”4. Top of Harney Hill – Burpees (22) – Yes! OYO. Sparty was happy to see some HIM get right after it with no complaining, but couldn’t help but notice Nugent giving himself a 2 minute count to recover……Due to the time, the PAX moseyed their way back down to Paradise to wrap up with American Hammers (22 IC).

As the PAX rose to their feet, they counted off and we finished with 20! We didn’t lose anyone.

Name-A-Rama went quickly counterclockwise, and then it was time to bring the 2 FNG’s into the circle to share. Welcome Geico and Finkle!

Announcements: Blood Drive this Friday. Spots are still available. One new site is opening next week, and 4 the following week. Continue to check on Slack and Twitted for future communication. 

Prayer Requests: A lot of deep intentions in everyone’s hearts was felt.

COT: So as we were now to the time to unveil what the significance of what “22” was. Sparty called upon the PAX to see if anyone knew (acknowledging Khakis already knew the meaning). Radar spoke up with an accurate guess. 22 Military Veterans commit suicide every day. Sparty played in a hockey tournament this last weekend (finished in 2nd place) and a team was there called the “Warriors.” In order to play for the Warriors, you must either be a Vet, or on active duty. Before every game, the team lines up at the blue line and they do 22 Merkins together to honor those that have taken their own lives. Sparty was deeply touched by this gesture and was inspired to pay tribute in our own F3 way. 

During the “Lockdown,” there were a handful of HIM that still gathered in the Gloom for beatdowns together. It was typically 8-10 HIM and there was always a prayer that was shared at the end, “For people battling Mental Illness.” Sparty recognized Khakis, Wait Time, Tater Tot, Slow Pitch, and others that would regularly make this part of their intentions for the day. While it was very significant to pray for those individuals at that time, those prayers are still needed every day, and we cannot forget it. We all know someone battling mental illness, or possibly some of us may even be personally battling it. Reach out to others and be someone they can lean on. If you are someone battling it, don’t carry that burden alone. Lean in! We can get through this one day at a time.

Prayer: Sparty took the PAX out in prayer with 22 seconds of silence.



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