Back Blast Cornhusker: Don’t be a Dumba$$

Tuesday July 14th:  75 degrees with a little cloud cover.

Q: Armber

PAX: Othello, Frosty, Mac n Cheese, Hashtag(hate), Buns Of Steel, Spread Sheet(Hate), Gunner, Touche, Jean Claude, Smash Mouth,  2 step, Rancid, Slow Pitch, Ponzi, Crawl, Sparty.

Armbar greats the group.

F3-Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

Mission Statement-To plant grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership

Core Principles-1 Free, 2 Open to all men, 3 always held outdoors, 4 Lead in a rotating fashion, 5 will end in a circle of trust

Disclaimer: he is not a professional so please modify when needed.


Slow Mosey to the stage.

Tappy Taps 12 IC

Inch Worms 10 outs

Abe Vigoda(a slow windmill) 10 IC

Side Plank 30 Sec with 3 PAX doing a 10 count and then repeat 

Pre Thang

Another slow mosey to the obelisk clock tower

Balls to the Wall Chain Run Modify to plank if needed 2X

The Thang-Skipping Leg Day with Iron hulks

6 stations each lasting 3 minutes.  Rotate on the whistle. No stations will have any leg exercises

1 and 4.  Each station will have 2 exercises.  The first to be done 1 rep and the second 4.  Then 2 reps and 8.  Continue counting in this method up to 5 and 20.  Then do the core exercise and continue with 6 and 24 until the whistle blows.  If you get to 10 and 40 then core again.

  1. Derkins and Cherry Pickers.  Core: Heals to Heaven 25 IC
  1. Pull ups and Chinooks.  Core: Low Dolley 25 open
  1. Upright swing rows and sun gods.  Core: Freddy Mercury 25 IC
  1. Merkins and shoulder press.  Core: LBC’s 25 IC
  1. Werkins and Morracan Night Clubs.  Core: Flutter Kicks 25 IC
  1. Hand Release Merkins and Seal Claps.  Core: Big Boys 25 UP

Amrap based on time

Omaha called where we return to the swings for Mary



Rancid American Hammers

Reminders: Check slack and the twitter machine for all the sites opening up through the end of July.

Blood drive on the 17th at Nebraska blood bank.

CoT:  Dont be a Dumba$$

So the wall got me at this same spot last week.  And I found out that others had been got as well.  Now I am not calling those HIM dumba$$es but I am calling myself that.  In my quest to be make the F3 all American team I crushed my shin bone on that fine cement wall right over there and took 3 stitches to the leg and a heafty ER bill.  As people reached out to me to see if I was OK I responded with the same thing.  I’m and idiot and it was all my fault.  I modified to make it seem harder and got hurt.  Thats why we have the disclaimer.  But it made me realize that we are not here to train for the olympics or for a championship.  We are here to become better men. Through all 3 F’s.  I lost sight of that and got hurt being a dumbass.  And in the week I had to take off I lost out on all 3 F’s.  A book I read called “Chop Wood Carry Water” talked about not having your identity wrapped up in something that can be taken away in an instant.  Tough to really think about.  My identity is largely wrapped up in being a wrestling coach and PE teacher.  I need to be fit and healthy to do that.  But by being a dumbass I can lose that in an instant.  So whatever your identity is remember that it can be taken away in an instant if you don’t make good decisions and have a dumbass attack like I did.


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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