7/10/2020. The Woodshed AO | Elwood Park | 6700 Elmwood Park Road 

Keep chopping away brothers.

PAX: Lucky Charms, Stella, Icy Hot, Road House, Two-Step, Tenderfoot, Smashmouth, Ohtello, Khakis, Buns o’Steel, Plague, Baby Grand, Jesse White – FNG aka Higgins, Samples, Ponzi, Room Service, Tater Tot, Pony Express, Safe Ride, Honey Stinger, Bloodshot, Chiclets, Touche, Frosty, Honey Badger, Poloroid, RamRod, Fury, 8 Mile, Slow Pitch & Selleck.

Co-Qic: Slow Pitch & Selleck

Weather:  Prime for beat down after a cooling rain the night prior

5:30 a.m. Slow Pitch welcomed 31 PAX to the gloom while Selleck was trying to find his bearings after 100+ day hiatus. Mission statement, core principles and disclaimer were given. The somewhat organized co-Q’s in charge promised a worthy beatdown. PAX moseyed to hobbit hole for warm-o-rama led by SlowPitch.


Squatting Johnny Drama Chinook – 15 IC

Pigeon Footed Calf Raises – 25 on up

DDJ – Derkins, Dips, Jump Ups – 20 x 2 se

(100 reps total warm up)

 Selleck split the PAX in two for JL action on the grotto stairs. 


Jacobs Ladder (10 reps total per set)

·         Bottom of stairs, Crucible Merkinds X 9

·         Run to top of stairs, SSH double time X 1 IC

·         Run to bottom of stairs, Crucibles X 8

·      Run to top of starirs, SSH Double time X 2

·         Etc until until flap-jack is complete.

PAX held Al Gore until 6 is complete; Selleck 11 tempo merkins to round out pre-thing (101 reps total pre thing)

THE THING – PAX moseyed to NW corner of the park for Woodshed 100. PAX split into 4 groups, 3 stations displayed in triangle format spaced 100 yards apart. Group 4 was the push group. Group 4 completed 10 werkins with group one before going to push-mode.


Station 1

·         Werkins

·         Carolina Dry Dock

·         Cherry Pickers

·         Hand Release 

Station 2

·         Sumo Squats

·         Alternating-lunge

·         Reverse lunge

·         Squat Jumps

Station 3

·         Ankle Touches

·         Burpo/Groiner Tuck

·         Heels Heaven 

·         LBC w/3 count hold at top

6:03 a.m. Omaha called and PAX moseyed to shovel flags for Mary.


·         Arms out heads up Flutter Kick – 20 IC

·         E2K – 20 each side

·         Reverse Crunch – 20 IC

       Low Dolly – 20 IC

·         American Hammer – 1 IC

      (101 Reps total for mary)


As F3 brothers and neighbors on 100th Street and 101st Circle, Slow-Pitch and Selleck offered their insight from what they have learned in the last 100…and 1 days in the pandemic. Rather than sharing 100 learnings, they cut to the chase with the cliff notes. So what have Slow Pitch and Selleck learned? 

Slow Pitch

  • Learned he can live with a lot of fear, lacking faith, worrying about things out of his control and not always acting on the items he can control
  • The constant has been f3 and the men that have kept going along side him for 6 days/week; this constant connection has helped my relationship with God, the men of F3 with similar struggles.
  • F3 has provided space to be better father, husband,  friend and colleague through the pandemic…knowing that he is a part of something greater.
  • Thanked the PAX for helping him get through the last 100 days of life appearing to be sane to the rest of society and his family.


  • Learned Della (Selleck M) is expected 4th 2.0 – due November 2020.
  • Learned mental health is upmost importance…physical activity provide strong foundation for mental health and has missed the PAX with group accountability. Encourage group reach out to those in need and encourage them to seek help/support
  • Everybody wants to help – many will volunteer but others need to be asked. Many want to help, but don’t know how.  Selleck noted overwhelming amount of people offering to help with donations, masks, working drive-thru testing sites at his work
  • Missed face-to-face time with shieldlock friends and family, but has always found comfort from scripture from book of Genesis 31:49, “may the lord watch between me and thee while absent one from another.” While we are still distant from some close in our circles, keep faith that we can pick right back up and God is with and amongst us all.
  •  Should have invested in plexy-glass.


  • Blood Drive – 7/17
  • 2A2CC – 8/9, Follow Two-Club Conundrum on Twitter
  • 5 new AO’s opening up this summer…bringing F3 Omaha to three beatdown locations 6      days/week.

Welcome F3 brother Higgins! Out at 6:18 a.m.

-Slow Pitch & Selleck

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