walk-in: BUG- BACKONTHETRAIN- FEE (biggie smalls)

boat load of pre runners this morning as Swinger hustled around to set up his “gauntlet”

5:30  30 PAX met at shovel flag as Swinger came in hot from setup and a couple minutes late.  Tclaps to Folsom, HoneyStinger and Toadstool for helping out.

Swinger sporting his Q hat introduced himself and made it through the 5 pillars but was completely blindsided and stumbled when asked the 3 Fs.  2 FNGs noted and disclaimer to modify to avoid injury (ArmBRah)

Short mosey to the “Phish Pond” about row 20 from center stage in the grassy bowl.

The warm up:

sidestradle hop 20 IC

MonkeyHumpers 15IC

Alternating shoulder taps 15 IC

TempoMerkins 15IC

Merkins 15

No time to waste Swinger lead the PAX through the Gauntlet that consisted of 10 stations.  We moseyed together to each station and moseyed in place allowing Swinger to give brief description of what to do at each station.  30 PAX kept Swinger second guessing himself if he bit off too much. 

As we came to the 10th station the PHISH cast.  Swinger got up to demonstrate the cast of a glow stick tied to a rod and reel and cast from the stage into the PHISH pond.  The pond consisted of 10 cones with an exercise attached to each cone.  Where ever the glow stick landed closest to was what the small group of 3 performed.  Swinger divided out the PAX into 3 man groups and sent each group to a starting station.  Would there be a bottle neck?  What was the push?  When the TESLA horn sounded the THANG was put into motion.  

sitting bench/ 1) 20 DIPS and 20 Step Ups

jogging path 2) 20LBCsIC 15 Werkins 

Obelisk 3) balls to wall and wall sit 30 seconds each

Sitting bench 4) 20 decline merkins 30 second chillcut

walking path 5) Farmers walk with coupons 20 Bonnie Blair

gazebo 6) 10pullups 5man-makers (burpee coupon)

wall 7) 5walljump with merkin 20lbs bicep curls tell change

swing set 8) 10 merkin tee-pee or modify 10 carolina dry docks with 10big boys

walking path 9) bear crawl-crab walk- bear crawl-crab walk

stage 10) fishing the Phish pond

IF a station was built for 2, the third member planked until his turn to perfrom said exercise.

To swingers amazement no bottle necks no push was needed.  To swingers pleasure lots of PAX walking & winded.





bow pose alternating leg extensions morphed into low bow pose alt. leg extensions and then into SLOOOW freddy Mercury 20IC, instragram model 10IC (ask Folsom),

30 Amercian Hammers 1 each per PAX, well 29.  We lost Arm”brah” on the wall jump, flesh wound to the knee requiring stiches. God speed in healing buddy

Tclaps to Toadstool keeping Swinger on Target as time was nearing 6:15 and Swinger badly wanted to speed through.

Nameorama welcomed 2 FNGs Nugent and Radar


Swinger admitted to no surprise public speaking is not his forte (especially to a PAX of 30 sweaty savages) but Qs anyways knowing its good to be vulnerable and that those who fear it as well, to not fear it, embrace it.  Being vulnerable is a good thing.

The phishing with rod and reel was likened to the biblical story of Jesus asking disciples to put down their nets and be fishers of men and to F3 emotional head locking others.  Be open to it ask others to come in and see what F3 is all about, you never know how that person can change the dynamic of the group or who that person will meet or how F3 will change a man.  That said, lets be conscious of other religions out there.  This nation allows that diversity, so be open to other faiths other than roman catholic or no faith (atheist). Not saying to change, just be aware of other(s) (PAX members) faiths. 



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