July 3, 2020//Elmwood Park//AO- The Woodshed//75 degrees, 120% humidity//

11 Pax: Lucky Charms, 2 Step, Gunner, Samples (respect!), Honey Badger, Safe Ride, Ponzi, Kielbasa, Icy Hot, Stella, Folsom.

Q: Folsom

Warm O’ Rama (more of pre-thang)

  1. Mosey to the Pot Smokers’ Grado
  2. Cherry Picking Butt Kickers ICx20
  3. SAC ICx10 (Sumo, Air, Copperhead Squats without rest)
  4. Don Quixote’s ICx10
  5. ATM ICx10
  6. SAC ICx10
  7. ATM ICx10
  8. Mosey about ½ mile to two lines of cones.

The Thang: Deconstructed Burpees 2.0

Folsom had the PAX partner up for the beatdown. One partner moved from one line of cones to the other line of cones, 10 yards away, and back, while the other partner performed an exercise from the list below. Each exercise represents a part of a burpee. When the first partner returned they switched places. We got through the list 3 or 4 times, Folsom was delirious from the heat at this point and called Omaha after about 15 minutes of the thang.

1.A. Lunge walk

1.B. High Plank

2.A. Skip

2.B. Merkins

3.A. Bear Crawl

3.B. Jump Squats.   

6 MoM

  1. Heel Touches ICx25
  2. Heels to Heaven ICx20
  3. Flutter Kicks ICx20
  4. Heel Touches ICx25
  5. Heels to Heaven ICx20
  6. Flutter Kicks ICx20
  7. American Hammers ICx24, 2 trips around the circle plus a couple extra because Ponzi and Safe Ride were too busy gossiping to know they were supposed to be counting.

Mumblechatter: There was plenty of groaning during the warmorama, and even more during the thang but perhaps the best was when Safe Ride was pointing out the fog in the park to Ponzi and Ponzi thought he was pointing out a frog. “I can’t see it.” “It’s right there! Look at those trees!” “I still can’t see it!” Second best was when 2 Step took over the count on the 2nd time through ATM’s because he, “was afraid Folsom was going to pass out.”

Announcements/Prayers: Tomorrow is the 1776 CSUP at Aldrich, kicking off at 5:30 and 7:00, you should do it. Kielbasa asked for prayers for the friends and family of an old friend of his who committed suicide yesterday. Prayers for Michael.

COT: Keep the second F in your focus. Folsom found as he was preparing for the beatdown that he hadn’t Q’d the Woodshed since July 19, 2019. That combined with the coming expansion of F3 Omaha to 3 to 4 sites per day, had Folsom reeling with how much we’ve grown. But it also reminded Folsom, and thus he the PAX, that fellowship does suffer when you’ve got 30 guys at one workout and it can suffer when you bring in so many new faces. Folsom reminded the PAX that we were all that new guy at some point and that something as simple as telling a new guy you’re glad he’s here, or that he kicked ass today, will feed the fire in that guy’s belly, that will make him stomp the accelerator to floor. Keep the fellowship with your shieldlock, but don’t neglect the fellowship with new HIM either.    

Aye- Folsom

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