7/02/20 | Futurama AO | Memorial Park | 75 Degrees and beautiful!

PAX: Hipster (Respect, Respect), Samples (Respect), DiVinci (Respect, Respect), ToadStool, Big Apple, Furry (Hate), Corner Kick, Sparty, Double Leg (Hate), Mac N Cheese (Hate), Two Step, Bogie, Open Sesame (Hate), Othello, Tater Tot, Ramrod (Hate), Brazilian, Slow Pitch, Icy Hot, Chiclets (Respect), Gumbio, Polaroid, SpreadSheet (Hate), Khakis (Respect), Todo, LPC, Flanders, Arm Bar, Gunner, Rancid (Hate), Lucky Charms, Tenderfoot, FNG – Hashtag (Hate), FNG – Sampras (Hate)

QIC: Grillz

PAX gathered at the shovel flags on the south side of the memorial in the circle of Memorial Park. Grillz welcomed the PAX, shared the mission statement, core principles, and gave the disclaimer that he is in no way a professional – modifications are encouraged.  

  • Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith (Stars and Stripes Edition)
  • Mission: Plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.  
  • Not a professional and modify as needed.
  • Principles: Free of charge, open to all men, held outdoors, led in rotating fashion, end in COT
  • Count off for total
  • We have two FNGs – Matt E. and Brendan E. – EH’d by Mac N Cheese

PAX moseyed as a unified group of 35 to the warm-a-rama location.  From there the PAX learned that nothing is free, not even this F3 workout. 


  • 10 Tappy Taps (IC)
  • 15 Imperial Walkers (IC)
  • 20 Sun Gods – 10 each direction (IC)
  • 20 Goof Balls (IC)

Pre-Thang: Repeat 4x then LBC for six (OYO)

Hill run with:

  • 10 Alt. Shoulder Taps (IC) at top
  • 10 Copperhead-Squats (IC) at bottom

The Thang: (Base of Memorial and Circle Drive) Enjoy Americana Playlist

PAX divides into groups of four (4).  Man #1 & #2 start the first exercise while Man #3 & #4 sprint around the circle drive surrounding the memorial.  Then Man #3 & #4 start the first exercise while Man #1 & #2 sprints.  Each time a lap is completed, move to the next exercise on the list. Continue this pattern until Omaha is called – approx 25 minutes (If you complete all exercises, rinse & repeat until Omaha is called):


  1. Donkey Kicks (Plank position, kick wall)
  2. Burpees with Broad Jump
  3. Bobby Hurley’s
  4. Flutter Kicks
  5. Monkey Humpers
  6. Yogi Werkins (werkin with alt. toe touch)
  7. Burpees with Overhead Clap
  8. Squat Jumps
  9. Box Cutters
  10. Plank Jacks in low plank

American Mary: For duration of Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless the USA

American Hammers x 15 IC every other person (10 count every other person)


Count off, Name-O-Rama, Name any FNG’s, Announcements/Prayer Requests, COT, Prayer

We welcomed FNG’s: Hashtag (Hate) and Sampras (Hate)


When I was in college and started dating my wife, my (future) father-in-law bought my dinner – I protested – and he said ‘take it son, a free meal is a good deal!’  I quickly realized that nothing ‘worth it’ is really free.  You have to fight for it. But the fight can be crazy hard when you are alone.  Like that OYO hill run, life can beat us down.  An enemy is always working to battle for our hearts. Without the shield lock we are vulnerable and alone – prone to attack!

Keni Thomas, one of the soldiers the movie Black Hawk Down was based on. This is a well documented story about a helicopter downed in Somalia.  Recounting the events of the specific battle as well as the reason he and others choose to fight – Keni said, “We fought for each other – it’s never a cause or a purpose. That’s what gets you enlisted but it’s not what it’s about when it really comes down to it.”

The larger cause is what brings us together, but it’s the community and relationships that keep us in the fight – ready to finish this battle and take on the next.  The next battle will come, it’s right around the corner.  But don’t lose heart – God created us for community and to have a heart bursting with love for all humans – after all, we are all made in His image!  When we are separated from each other we fail. To share another quote from Keni,  ‘Alone with fall’ but it is amazing the “Lengths men will go to each other.’  

Remember how much easier it was when we finished the workout with a buddy and not on your own!  Look for ways to encourage those around you.  Lean in, join up, and finish the battle!


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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