Top Rope Backblast: I’m grateful for the opportunity

July 1st 2020 Launch

Q: Armbar

PAX: 51 Saferide, Rollbar, TC, Bloodshot, Smashmouth, Baby Grand, Tator Tot, Scraper, Mac n Cheese, Jean Claude, Honey Badger, The Plague, Grillz, Slow Pitch, Icy Hot, King Pin, Tube Socks, Uncle Rico, Beta Max, Fire Walker, Khakies(Respect), Thor, Toto, Cylcone(Respect)Roadhouse, Biff, Rancid(Hate), Salt Life, FDIC, Folsom, Wentworth, Spreadsheat, Lazy Boy, Stogie, Wait Time, Thomas, Saul, Ponzi, Tonight Show, Brazilian, Sparty, Birdman, LBC, Hard Hat, Othello, Honey Stinger, Blue Suede, Tug Boat, Vandelay, Armbar. 

Shout out to a few special costumes.  Got smashmouth in the Assless chaps, Wait time pulling off the best nacho libre.  2 Hacksaw Jim Duggins in Honey Stinger and Blue Suede. The Prep Twins in ugly blue singlets with Birdman and Sparty.  A excellent singlet of Maine out of 2 step. LBC with the Roddy Piper Kilt. Spandex and masks with Roadhouse, Hard Hat, Othello.  Championship belt with Baby Grand  Tator Tot and The Plague looked like the rockers.  A solid stone cold with Tugboat.  The Joker if he was even more of a madman with Brazilian.  And others I am sure I missed.  But then Ponzi comes in late with a Mini Skirt and bikini top with ring cards for every part of the work out.  TClaps to Ponzi.  It took some stones for that outfit.

Armbar greets the group with a pep talk.  Dressed as the coach from the greatest wrestling movie of all time Vision Quest.  

F3-Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

Mission Statement-To plant grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership

Core Principles-1 Free, 2 Open to all men, 3 always held outdoors, 4 Lead in a rotating fashion, 5 will end in a circle of trust

Disclaimer: he is not a professional so please modify when needed.


Short mosey around the school and back to the playground. Stance and motion to the 6. 

Break the PAX into 10 lines.  For top rope instead of the circle Warm-o-rama lines will be an option for the Q.

Down and backs

-Bushwacker skips, Hogan High Knees, Shawn Micheals slide and glides, Undertaker dead man walks, Batista Butt Kicks, duck walks-Have not fun WWE name.  cartwheels(Modify to lunge walk) and some stance and motion. 

Pre Thang

Tag team 21’s with a short mosey

Pick a tag team partner up.  You will be doing this together.

Cone 1 start with 1 rep.  Mosey to the other cone and do 20 reps.  Then back to the start for 2 reps, back to the second cone for 19 reps.  Count down and up and should always equal 21

Mountain climbers-Sumo Squats

Called early.  21’s might have been to much for the time frame.

The Thang-Beaver run

Simple yet sinister.  Each minute is broken into 3 20 second segment.  First 20 hands straight out, second 20 hands up in the power pose, third 20 do 10 merkins and recover for 3-5 second.  Do this for however much time remains in the beatdown.


Freddy Mercury’s 15 IC

Undertaker sit up(WW2 sit up with a WWE name) 10

American Hammers 20


CSAUP July 4th at 5:30 and 7 at the oracle(Aldrich)

Blood drive spots still open for the 17th of July

Friday Book club zoom at noon (White Fragility)



When I get the chance of being the Q or if a Q gives me the chance to lead the prayer I start it of the same way. “I’m grateful for the opportunity”. It all started with our motto we say before practice everyday with my team. We got if from a Mindset coach as a way to get our teams heads in there right space to practice. ‘Im thankful for the opportunity to wrestle, I am aggressive and relentless at all time, I have no fear of making a mistake, I never quit”. That first line made a huge impact on me. I never thought of it as the opportunity it was. Competing was not some sort of right. The fact we have the opportunity is something to be grateful for. But the word thankful didn’t seem like enough. At that same time the word grateful just seemed to be around me a lot. Had a friend that was doing a gratitude journal, and a meeting at work where we talked about what were grateful for. So I did some research into the difference between the words.

“Thankful-Pleased and Relieved”

Grateful-Feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received.”

So for my life motto I have changed the term to “Im grateful for the opportunity”.  Because in order to be grateful you need other people involved.  So here are a few things Im grateful for.

I grateful for my M.  She has been the most solid of rocks for my whole life and I would be lost without her.  

I am grateful for the gift of father hood.  Another thing to chalk up to my M.  My 2.0’s have taken my life in an amazing direction.

I am grateful for my family.  Im a middle child and could definitely be a handful growing up.  But they all loved me for who I am.

I am grateful to be a coach and teacher.  Because its the athletes and students that make the experience worthwhile.

I am grateful for my friends.  I feel as though I can never give them as much as they have given me.

I am grateful to have found prayer again in the gloom on many of morning.

Which takes me to my last point of gratitude.  

I am grateful for the opportunity to be around every single man here today, or I have come across in F3.  To have the opportunity to lead in a group of leaders is humbling to say the least.  So today be grateful for every opportunity you get and the people you get be around._    


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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