F3 OMAHA – Cornhusker Handicap – 6/30/2020

Pax (17): Mac’n Cheese (Hate), Chiclets (Respect), Jean Claude, Khakis (Respect), Gunner, Slow Pitch, Frosty, Polaroid, 2 Step, Fury (Hate), Icy Hot, Ponzi, Crawl, Spreadsheet (Hate), Grillz, Tater Tot, Sparty

QIC: Sparty

It was a warm 75 degrees this morning with humidity roughly about 612%. As the PAX arrived in the beautiful Gloom, they welcomed the return of Jean-Claude, 2 Step, and Bubbles from their Pre-Run. Nervousness set over the PAX as they were trying to decode Sparty’s Pre-Blast Tweet from the night before…… “are we really going to be doing Crawl Bears in circles?” Time will tell. Then at 5:30am sharp, Sparty tried to raise his voice over the multiple mumblechatters that were ignoring the sensitivity of time. When attention was given, Sparty proceeded to deliver the Mission Statement and 5 core principles with ease. As he was attentive to the concern for what was about to happen, he assured the group to modify as needed as they are at their own risk going forward. The PAX then set off on a short mosey to the Inner Rail/HDR location. Warm-a-rama started and to Sparty’s delight, the beautiful sound of the PAX in cadence echoed off of the buildings creating a symphony. 


  • SSH – 15 IC
  • Sun Gods – 20 IC (10F, 10B)
  • ATMs (15 AST, 10 Tempo Merkins, 10 Merkins)
  • Tappy Taps – 15 IC
  • Big Ones – 16 IC

As Warm-a-rama concluded, you could cut the tension with a knife. Sparty then announced another Mosey to get the Pre-Thang going. The PAX then gathered outside of Genesis in the grassy area all facing Sparty as he made an announcement, “In honor of today being my last day of my gym membership before it expires, we will all join in doing Monkey Humpers with our butts facing the gym.” Giggles were had as the PAX thought the comment was humorous, but they may have been totally unaware that it was the truth. This was Sparty’s commitment and solute to F3, the Core Principle of being “Free” and officially stepping away from CrossFit. As the reps increased, Mumblechatter between Tater Tot and Chiclets could be heard about the right amount of reps to do for Monkey Humpers. The evilness of Sparty smiled and took the count to 30 as they buried their heads in the sand! The Pre-Thang was over, and it was time to get back to Stinson Park, so another Mosey was carried out.

The PAX then gathered to wait for instructions on The Thang. We started by counting off to 6 to create 6 groups for each station. Sparty proceeded to explain the madness that was about to go down. Each group was assigned to a different station to start, and upon completion of the exercises at that station, the group would rotate counterclockwise. 3 disclaimers were given prior to the start: 1. Greek Freak Burpees are done under the swing set and on the jump, you jump up and touch the top bar of the swing set. 2. Captain-Thors……reminder of the cadence was given. 3. If you need to modify the Crawl Bears up the hill and you Bear Crawl, then when you get to the clocktower, do Crawl Bears instead of Bear Crawls. The PAX then set off to their stations:

  • Swings – Hydrolic squats (10 IC) & Greek Freak Burpees (10)
  • Hill – Crawl Bear up hill & Donkey Kicks (10)
  • Bench – Dips (20) & Derkins (20)
  • Clocktower – Bear Crawl around & Chicken Peckers (5 IC)
  • Benches – Bulgarian Split Squats (10 each Leg) & Squat Jumps (5)
  • Grass – Captain Thor (Big Boy + American Hammers – 1:4 ratio – up to 5:20)

Each group was able to cycle through each station twice and “Omaha” was called at 6:03am to stop the cussing. As Sparty jogged swiftly to 6MoM, he admired the lethargic manner in which the PAX were rising from the ground to make their way over. While he was mildly annoyed at the speed of the PAX, he was also basking in glory as this was proof that he delivered a beatdown that was worthy of the PAX’s approval. It was easy to recognize the exhaustion of the HIM, so Sparty limited 6MoM to 20 American Hammers. As everyone slowly rose to their feet, a count-off started, and then ended with 17 PAX. 

Name-a-rama – Chiclets almost shattered Sparty’s phone in intimidation, Jean-Claude entertained us, Khakis delivered daggers with his eyes that scared the entire PAX, Sparty athletically avoided the swings while filming, and Ponzi did his best impersonation of Chiclets. 

Announcements – Top Rope convergence tomorrow, outfits are highly recommended. 4th of July CSAUP Convergence this Saturday. Join the Book Club on Friday if possible, even just joined the discussion if you don’t have the book. Reminder to get on Slack to check for updates such as the Blood Drive, and F3 Omaha shirt sales closing soon (7/4).

Prayers – Lot of prayers in the hearts of the HIM that were privately echoing in their heads. 

COT – As we look at the progressions we make moving through the 3 F’s, its easy to see and experience how the Fitness gets us to keep coming back out, how the Fellowship is the glue that keeps us in, and then the Faith is where we start to make a difference. As we continue to Accelerate, where do we go from here? The next “phase” of F3 is finding your Mission. I started my search on this when the Covid shutdown started. I knew I wanted to help and make an impact in my community, but I didn’t know how. I didn’t even know what my value was to offer at the time. When the news broke about George Floyd, it hit me instantly and I knew what my calling was. Rather then getting my education from a book or documentary, I wanted to sit down with friends of mine in the Black Community and have heart to heart conversation about their life and the experiences they have had. This resonated with me because I was able to hear first-hand stories of what was happening in our community. 

This led me to receiving an invite from The Omaha Community Culture for Racial Justice & Reconciliation as they met to discuss how Racial Inequity is a Health Crisis. Easy takeaway, our system is screwed up and the issues are extremely complex. I knew immediately that I cannot solve these issues myself, nor do I want to get involved in politics to try and figure all these problems out. However, I did walk away with a big lesson that hit home with me, “How can you take a moment, and turn it into a movement?” My life has led me all the way to this “Moment” in my life and I am going to create a Movement with it. Here is what I’m going to do: 1.) I am creating an event that will be a “March in Solidarity.” This is not a Protest. This is not a political statement. It’s an opportunity to get the White community down to North Omaha so they can experience it for themselves. They need to see the beautiful sights, and the beautiful people. They need to talk with and get to know the Black Community. It’s very easy for the White community to say they “Stand with the Black Community,” and then put their phone down and get back to their normal and comfortable life. This is an opportunity for them to put some action to their words. 2.) I want to create a F3 Omaha Scholarship to a local young man that fits our Mission as a HIM. 

I share these things with you because by speaking it out loud, this now lives and exists out there. You all now can keep me accountable as well. I also share these with you because I hope it inspires you all to look deep within yourself and find your mission. I believe in all of you and I will support you in your mission. Embrace your mission!

Prayer – 2 Step found some great words to share with Sky-Q as he took us out.



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