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PAX: Wait Time, Road House, A-Bomb, Bubbles, Tater Tot, Tug Boat, No Doze, Folsom , Tube Socks, Grillz, DaVinci (respect, respect), Sister Act, FNG Joe Pogue (sp?, sorry), Big One, FNG Craig Johnson, Mongoose (respect, respect), Two Step

QIC: Two Step

Pax Welcomed, Mission stated, Principles Listed, FNG’s Identified and later addended Disclaimer Provided (disclaimer was addended following the pre-thang when the Q realized how stupid it was and how thankfully no injuries had been sustained, yet, other than his own hammy mild partial tear during a Windmill)

Count-off 17 PAX.

PAX strolled from their welcome spot into the School Blacktop Court for Warm-a-rama.


20 IC – SSH

10 IC – Windmills

15 IC – Imperial Walkers

10 IC – Sobriety Sun Gods (front/back)  

20 IC – High Knees

20 IC – Butt Kicks

PAX moseyed onto the road to the south exit of the parking lot and back into the pick-up lane and lined up facing the curb of the grassy parking lot island.


Circle Merkins – while lined along the curb, PAX completed 10 incline merkins with both hands on the cub, 10 merkins with left hand up on top of curb, 10 derkins with both feet on curb and hands on road, 10 merkins with right hand on curb. Although he is a beastly stacked HIM, Folsom kindly accepted the request from the Q to provide a 10 count rest. PAX then rinsed and repeated, for a total of 80 merkins in about two minutes, which inspired the Q to addend the disclaimer to the welcome message, as above.


Duck and Weave Chain Walk, followed by Chain Run

PAX moseyed to the northwest end of the Black-top court and formed a single file line, from which they embarked on a Duck and Weave Chain Walk along the path from the school to the Papio Creek Bike Trail. The lined up PAX duck walked forward with extra spacing between each PAX, through which the Six ran a sinusoidal weaving path to become the front of the line, prompting the new Six to weave his way to the front. PAX completed two rounds of Duck and Weave, wherein each had the opportunity to weave twice. From that point, the Q instrusted a smart chain-run (same as “indian run” of former, lesser eras) along the bike path, under the expressway to the open area south of Dodge.


The Deck of Death

In a wide, flat , grassy area the PAX encircled the Q, who drew a deck of shuffled cards from his pocket and declared an exercise for each suite: Diamonds = Dolleys/Low, Spades = Shoulder Taps/Alternating, Hearts = Hurleys/Bobby, Clubs = Burpees. He distributed one card to each of four sequential PAX in the circle, who serially led the exercise of their card’s suite for the quantity of the numerical value of the card. Face cards and Aces all were given values of 10. After each set of four exercises, the Q collected the cards and placed them on the bottom of the deck, and handed cards from the top of the deck to the next four PAX. During the first round, Sister Act had been handed a Joker, for which the Q directed the PAX to Duck Walk (again) the full 360° of the circle. Following completion of one rotation around the circle of PAX, Tater Tot suggested adding 10 reps to each number of reps specified by the cards. After multiple sequential cards of high-teen or twenty burpees, this was modified to 10 additional reps for each exercise excluding burpees. Following completion of nearly two full rounds of the deck of death, Q called Omaha on the Thang.

PAX slowly moseyed back to the school yard.


Irish Two Steps / Absolution to failure, aka Stupid Motherf**kers (per Bubbles) 

With PAX aligned along a transition from hardscape to softscape at a 90° corner of the field, each PAX in turn led an 8-count cadence of Groiners, 1/2 Mahktar Indyes Down, Plank Jacks, Mahktar Indyes UP. When 10 Irish Two Steps had been led, although they could have performed many, many more, Q called Omaha on the Post-Thang in the interest of time.

PAX sauntered into the center of the black-top court for 6 Minutes of Mary

6 Minutes of Mary

Rosalitas x 20 on Open

American Hammers x 20

Circle of Trust



FNG’s: Joe Pogue(sp?, sorry), 42 – Left Seat (the chair taken by the Captain of an Airplane) and Craig Johnson, 35- Salt Life (the bumpasticka meme denoting a lifestyle of surfing and other ocean/aquatic activities, also appropriate for someone who trained in Salt Lake City)


Top-Rope AO opening Wednesday, 7/1, convergence of Wednesday AO’s at Aldrich, wrestling themed Costumes encouraged.

7/4 Convergence 1776 Rep Beatdown, also at Aldrich.

F3 Apparel, a reproduction of an early (or original) F3 Omaha shirt is available, among other things for anyone interested.

Serving as the Q is an honor for me, particularly on this day, June 27. 33 years ago today my father was 42 years old and loved to go out camping with family and friends and to go out dancing with my mom. He could snow ski and waterski and had taught his kids to do the same. He had even taught me to hunt, although some of you may recall how that turned out from another story I’ve shared. On this day, however, my family was on a grand annual camp-out attended by a dozen or more families from my community, mainly friends of my parents.

My father had taken a river canoe trip with friends and had stopped at a popular swimming spot where a large tree had fallen over the river. He dove into shallow water and sustained a complete spinal cord injury at C6-7, roughly the same injury as Waffle House. Since that day he has had limited strength in arms and hands with poor dexterity. He cannot voluntarily move any muscle below his shoulders, nor control bowel and bladder. 

I was 13 years old. His injury has had a profound effect on the choices I’ve made and who I have become. But on this anniversary, with my opportunity to speak to you HIM, I wanted to ask him what sort of message he would want to share with people I care about who could be going through a difficult time, or but for the grace of God could someday find themselves in a very hard place. 

During rehab, where he learned how to begin a new life, he was counselled on the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. His clinical psychologist, who was roughly his same age, warned that on average, people with spinal cord injuries live 13 fewer years than people with able bodies. Well, Dad says, I’m going to be 75 this year and that guy died of a heart attack in his 50’s. I would not be here without the support of my family and friends. But also, I’ve seen people with my condition who haven’t tried and are not doing well. It is pretty easy to give up because it is just too damn hard. Everything I try to do, physically, is a challenge, but I know that I just have to “go”. It is always go-time. No matter how hard it is to do the simplest things, I have to just “go”. He says that a year ago he noticed that my mom had been putting his socks on his feet for a while and that his hands were starting to curl and contract. So he told her to let him do it. Now it takes a lot longer to get his socks on, but his hands straightened out and he can still do other things. He is tired, he has pains, you wouldn’t believe how long it takes to get out of bed and get in a car, but he keeps telling himself to just “go”. 

So, that is my hope, that no matter the situation you may find yourself, however hard it may be, you take whatever support you can get from your family and friends, and go. No matter how hard, just go, without excuses.

It’s go-time!

Aye, Two Step

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