The MAIZE AO | Thursday, June 25, 2020 | Copper Field Park | 5:30 AM | 68 degrees partly cloudy

PAX: Thomas, Ethanol, Short Sale, Butterfly, Stogie, LPC, Creed, Wax On (DR – F3Houston), Flanders, Thor, Wheaties (FNG – Patrick Burke), Blue Suede, Rushmore, Sump Pump, Thermo, Nemo, Khakis, Fuse Box, Hard Hat, Vandelay, LeDoux, Screwball (FNG – Scott Conroy), Sparty, Tater Tot, Crab Cakes, Hawg, Riverdance, Brad Pitt (DR – Georgia), and Wait Time.

QIC: Wait Time

Six pre-runners (including YHC) scrambled back to the shovel flag at 5:30AM.  YHC welcomed two FNGs and two DR Pax, shared the F3 principles, mission statement and disclaimer.  YHC quoted Winston Churchill, “If you are going through hell, keep going.”  For the next 45 minutes, YHC was not your friend.


PAX moseyed to “the bowl” for warm-a-rama.

SSH x 25 IC | Alternating Shoulder Taps x 20 IC | Suzanne Somers x 8 IC | Imperial Walkers x 15 IC | Silent SSH x 10 | Burpees x 2 | Silent SSH x 21 | Burpees x 5

PAX moseyed to the football field for Pre-Thang.

PRE-THANG: The Steinl

Plank x 30 ct | Chilcutt Plank x 30 ct | Merkins x 10 | Amazing Spiderman (right leg) x 10 IC | Merkins x 10 | Plank x 30 ct | Chilcutt Plank x 30 ct | Merkins x 10 | Amazing Spiderman (left leg) x 10 IC | Merkins x 10 


The PAX divided into six groups. Six stations were positioned around the perimeter of the football field. Each station had two exercises with a designated number of reps. After completing each station’s exercises, the PAX rotated to the next station. PAX completed each station and ran one lap around the perimeter of the football field.

STATION #1: Burpees x 10 | Machtar Ndiaye x 10 IC

STATION #2: Hydraulic Squats x 15 IC | Groiners x 15

STATION #3: Merkins x 20 | Jump Squats x 20

STATION #4: Monkey Humpers x 25 IC | Plank Jacks x 25

STATION #5: Smurph Jacks x 30 | Air Squats x 30

STATION #6: LBCs x 35 IC | Big Boy Sit-ups x 35

After one round, YHC called “OMAHA.”  PAX met in the center of the field for 6MOM.


ABCs | Toe Touches x 15 IC | Heels to Heaven x 12 IC | American Hammer x 20 IC (T-claps to Ethanol)


TOP ROPE AO LAUNCH (Convergence). Next Wednesday, July 1, we will launch a new bootcamp Wednesday AO, Top Rope. Eventually, this workout will occur at Boys Town. Until Boys Town reopens, it will be held at Aldrich Elementary. T-claps to site Q, Arm Bar.

PATRIOT GAMES CSAUP on July 4. The third annual PATRIOT GAMES CSAUP (Completely Stupid And Utterly Patriotic) workout will be held at Aldrich Elementary on July 4. Two offerings will occur 5:30 AM and 7 AM.


REGENCY PARK DEATH. Yesterday, a body was found at the Regency Park Lake. This is on the direct path of Paradise Island. Prayers to the family who lost someone special yesterday.


“You have survived every single thing you thought you wouldn’t.”

“If you are going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill.

I shared these quotes in the Pre-Blast and during the welcome.  I want to encourage the PAX to never go it alone when facing difficult times.  Scars are beauty marks, because they prove you survived.  Scars don’t grow on the dead.  Lean into your F3 brothers.  Some of us can share our scars, and others can learn from us.  Rest assured that someone else is/has gone through what you are facing.  Don’t be afraid to share your challenges.

It was great to watch how the PAX moved through the workout together.  It is better to do all things together.

YHC finished with a prayer.

Grace & Peace, 

Wait Time

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