Cornhusker Handicap – Stinson Park – 6/23/20 – Tater Tot

On a little chillier summer morning there were 5 pre-runners, 17 PAX that showed for the beatdown and two that had to depart prior to 5:30am for a total of 19. Follow me on the math there? No worries. Me neither. The PAX were greeted to a very simple introduction with a lot of veterans on hand followed by Tater Tot explained sometimes he likes to spaz out or does so on his own time which was followed by a quick run-in-place warm up to a spaztastic run around Stinson park doing shoot from the hip exercises.

Warm a Rama – Spaz a rama more like it. Tater Tot led the PAX aimlessly trying to find any location in sight to warm up pick and choosing as he went. We snaked our way to the pull-up bars and each did two pull-ups. Moseyed to the Inner Rail stairs and did jump ups to the top and then back down avoiding getting sprayed. Mosey run to the open area in front of Genesis Health Club where we completed Monkey Humpers, Pickle Pushers and in and out Merkins. Mosey back to the pull ups and did two pull ups and then back to the play ground area to complete Spaz a rama.

PAX: Grillz, Sister Act, Mac N’ Cheese, Spreadsheet, Khakis, Frosty, Slow Pitch, Icy Hot, Brazilian, 2-Step, Crawl, Smashmouth, Ponzi, Polaroid, Fire Walker, Chiclets and Tater Tot. 

The Thang – Perform the listed exercises on the cone and then complete one lap around the small .13 mile clock tower circle. Rinse and repeat but add one lap around the circle every round. During the Thang, Flyby went cruising by, gave a wave and a nod and away he went. Until next time Flyby. Poor 80’s were played during this time.

Complete All Exercises then mosey:

5 Hand Release Burpees

10 Turkish Getups (5 each side) 

20 Ranger Merkins

30 Groiners

40 Copperhead Squats

50 LBC’s 

Round 1) Exercises then .13 mile mosey lap

Round 2) Exercises then .26 mile mosey lap

Round 3) Exercises then .39 mile mosey lap

Round 4) Exercises then .52 mile mosey lap

Round 5) Exercises then .65 mile mosey lap


Peter-Parkers (right knee out then left knee out rotating back and forth)

American Hammer


I was talking to an accelerating PAX member last week and he mentioned that he chose not to post one time the week prior and didn’t tell anyone. He simply wanted to take a step back, take a breath and try and rekindle that special feeling F3 can give you in the newness and beginning. He wanted to keep it unique and fresh and not just a daily routine and turn into a workout. While talking about this with the PAX member, 3-4 guys mentioned that they noticed he wasn’t there and missed him unknowing that he chose not to post on purpose, which in my opinion was in fact most special.

F3 is unique and refreshing which can quickly become almost an addiction at some level. A newborn confidence, a reason to change something, a connection that you have been yearning for. Those feelings of excitement and newness can sometimes go in waves just like anything in life. But just because that shiny new toy isn’t so shiny after time doesn’t mean that its worth hasn’t increased, you just might not see it or feel it yet until that time is presented to you. My point is that we are all on a different path and in different parts of our lives and sometimes we are on the up and sometimes we are on the down but F3 enables us to maintain the up for much longer periods than without it as long as we stay with it. Sometimes it is good to remind ourselves what life was like without it and step back, take a breath and jump back in to relight that fire. That fire is what helps us make the right choices in life, to be better community leaders, to be improve as husbands or fathers or coworkers or sons. It is very important to recognize that F3 means something different to everyone and no one journey is the same. At the end of the day, F3 or the idealization of working out, sharing and growing together with a group of men is forever. And that my friend, is special.

Thank you for letting me lead this group and I apologize for the two day delay on this post!

Tater Tot


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