June 23, 2020//Westside HS//AO- Colloseum//60 degrees//
Pax: 31 HIM
Q: Greek Freak
Warm O’ Rama
• Side, Straddle, Hop ICx20.
• Sun Gods ICx12 forwards and backwards
• Tappy Taps ICx12
• Pickle Pushers ICx12
• Cherry Pickers ICx12
• Hand Release Merkins ICx10
• Copperhead Squats
• Alternating Shoulder taps ICx10


  • Chumbawamba with Burpees or merkins every time song said “I get knocked down, but I get up again!”, SSH resting chorus.

The Thang: 3 man Grinder: Run 200m around track and tag teammate. Each teammate would do exercises listed below until tagged by teammate and team ran 400m total, then move to number 2,3 and 4. Change workout after every 200m ran.


  1. Merkins Gas Pumpers
  2. Monkey Humpers MountainClimbers
  3. Burpees  LBCs
  4. Groiners  Air Squats
    SIDE 2:
  5. Bobby Hurleys  Carolina Drydocks
  6. Jump Tucks  Big boys
  7. Pickle Pushers  Squat Jumps
  8. Derkins  Flutter kicks
    6 MOM:
    Freddie Mercuries X 15IC
    Ankle Taps X15 IC
    American Hammers X 1 Per PAX Rancid Style
    COT: Similarly to the chart below, we must grow in our willingness to grow in what areas we need improvement. As the chart shows our knowledge for God’s holiness increases, our awareness of sin becomes more and more clear. In the same way, we should be surrounding ourselves with HIM’s that are doing great at things we strive to do better. This will allow us to not only mirror what they are doing well, but also allows us to self-reflect and realize where we fall short. This can be applied to friendships, faith, finances, work, fitness goals, being a father, being a husband, being a family member, etc.
    The more self-reflection we can do by seeing others as an example, the more focused and goal oriented we can be to become better HIM’s in whatever area we need improvement. Don’t settle for mediocrity, find your gaps and start taking steps to be where you want to be!
    Keep Striving,
    -Greek Freak
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