06/19/20: The Woodshed 

Be an Authentic Leader in your Community

Authentic – adj. – of undisputed origin; genuine.

Temp: 62 degrees with a few raindrops. 

PAX: 26 – Safe Ride, Gunner, Bloodshot, Merch, Polaroid, Armbar, Ponzi, Biff, Rancid (Hate!), Stella!, The Plague, Greek Freak, Hard Hat, Open Sesame (Hate!), Double Leg (Hate!), Ramrod (Hate!), Icy Hot, Two-Step, Folsom, Samples (Respect), Wentworth, Smashmouth, Hooska, Betamax, Frosty, Othello. 

QIC: Othello

No FNG today –  Othello presented the 3 F’s, the mission statement, the five core principles, and the disclaimer. 

Mosey – The PAX moseyed westward on the Elmwood Golf Course, just south of hole 5, on a hill. 

Warm – A – Rama:

20 (IC) SSH

12 (IC) Tappy Taps

20 (U) Dirty Dogs (10 ea. leg)

12 (IC) Cherry Pickers 

20 (IC) Goofballs

Mosey –  The PAX moseyed a couple yards uphill to the stone retaining wall  


  • Partner A – Balls to Walls – Chicken Peckers – 15 (IC)
  • Partner B – Plank – Alt. Should Taps – 15 (IC)
  • Partner A – Plank – Alt. Shoulder Taps – 15 (IC)
  • Partner B – Balls to the Wall – Chicken Peckers – 15 (IC)
  • EVERYONE – Copperhead Squats 15 (IC)
  • Partner A – Balls to Walls – Chicken Peckers – 15 (IC)
  • Partner B – Plank – Alt. Should Taps – 15 (IC)
  • Partner A – Plank – Alt. Shoulder Taps – 15 (IC)
  • Partner B – Balls to the Wall – Chicken Peckers – 15 (IC)

The Thang:

Divided the PAX into four groups. The PAX started in the middle at the HOME station and completed the first exercise. Once completed, the PAX branched out into their groups and bear crawled to a station. Once they completed the exercises, they bear crawled back to HOME and Plank until the whole PAX came back. As a PAX, they completed the exercise together and then rotated to the next station in their groups.

Station Home

  • 20 Air Squats (Thank you Greek Freak, Wentworth, Biff, Hard Hat for leading) 

Station 1 

15 (IC) Star Crunch

15 (D) Dive Bombers

15 (IC) Monkey Humpers 

Station 2 

15 (IC) Freddie Mercurys 

15 (D) Bobby Hurleys

15 (IC) Pickle Pushers

Station 3 

15 (IC) Gas Pumpers

15 (D) Carolina Dry Docks

15 (IC) Monkey Humpers

Station 4 

15 (IC) LBC

15 (D) Squat Jumps

15 (IC) Pickle Pushers


10 (IC) – Makhtar N’ Diayes – Thank you, The Plague

10 (U) – Groiners – Thank you, Rancid

10 (D) – Merkins – Thank you, Folsom

10 (IC) – Pickle Pushers – Thank you, Ponzi

Mosey –  The PAX moseyed back to the flags for mary.


American Hammers – Rancid Style – 52 (IC)   



2.0 workout tomorrow at Red Wing and The Pit – 7am. 

Top Rope Launch – Wednesday, July 1 – Convergence – Arm Bar is Site Q

Friday Lunch Book Club – White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo – 12pm – Lemon Law

Blood Drive – July 17th from 7am – 12pm – Nebraska Community Blood Blank – sign up on Slack


Swinger’s mother – Medical related

M. S. (a friend of a couple PAX)- Recovery from heart surgery 

Honeystinger and Honeybadger – Sending love and positive energy to their family during this time. 

Message from the Q:

First and foremost I want to give T-Claps to Lucky Charms for his CoT on Tuesday, please read the backblast from Cornhusker to understand because homeboy got it right and what he had to say feeds into my CoT today, its a long one… I’ve had several individuals from the community and in F3 reach out to me and ask me what they can do or how  they could help/contribute in regards to the BLM. And typically, I found myself giving the same response “be your authentic self and use your platform / privilege to be the voice in your community.” And here is what that means… We have no control on what is happening in our state, in our nation, in our world, but we do have control with who we align ourselves with and the communities we insert ourselves in and if we want change to happen, it starts there, I call it the ripple effect. 

For me, growing up as a black man, an open bisexual, a theatre artisit and an educator in a predominantly white shool district – I’ve had some social challenges in my life that you will NEVER experience. Let me be more specific: 

  • I was dating my college girlfriend and her parents were extremely racist and they did not like their daughter dating a black man… let alone they did not like her being into theatre. I was not welcomed over to their home and basically, I didn’t even exist to them. 
  • When I befriend straight males sometimes they would automatically think I’m hitting on them when I informed them I’m bisexual (you know, I do have a “type” of guy I’m attracted to, just like you have “types” of girls your attracted to) or having to defend my bisexuality when I came out to my family at 24. They would just say I’m gay but not understanding what it means to be bisexual. I have an attraction to both men and women.
  • When implementing a theatre program at my elementary school three years ago, I would work day and night for the students to have a positive theatre experience and my coworker (who is white woman) barely did any work and received a lot of praise from the district level because she was a certified teacher and I was “just” an educational assistant… So yeah, I’ve some challenges. 

However by being open, being kind and taking the opportunity to learn from my perspective you could understand the social injustice that is happening in our nation. Historically, statistically, I represent several communities (black, glbtq+, the performing arts, public education) where the American system has failed to some extent. So let me make this specific to F3… 

F3 is another community I proudly represent. It’s known that Folsom tried to EH me into F3 for months prior to me actually joining. Simply, I didn’t foresee myself working out with a group of white guys in the morning. My mom did not like the idea of me doing this and she still disagrees with it and I can’t blame her for thinking that because knowing her perspective growing up in the 60’s and 70’s as a black woman… especially during the segregation of the public schools system, ie the White Flight. However, it wasn’t until my buddy, one of my best friends, someone who I already considered part of my community, my family,  who you all know, Arm Bar – Reed Weber who called me (which we know, If you get a call, its serious) and said, “I know you, you will dig this, it’s up your alley – there are a lot of personalities and positivity and it worked, I posted four days later on July 6 at Oracle. Once I started posting and realized, yea there’s a bunch of white guys, but I gained a deeper understanding who these guys were: Slow Pitch, Frosty, Lucky Charms, Brazilian… to name a few. And that is what keeps me coming back. I’m learning about folks and their lives that I will never experience and in return, I hope, I could bring my perspective, my personality, my experiences and use this platform to express myself in hoping the PAX gain a deeper awareness about their lives. Iron sharpens iron, right? That is what F3 is about, we are here to help, support and represent our brothers, our community. A very fine example of this is our brother Toadstool – Sean Conway, who I am forever grateful to be part of his community.  

Back in February, I encountered the law for the very first (and hopefully last) time. I received a DUI and I took complete responsibility for it, I knew that I was entering unfamiliar territory which doesn’t typically work out in my favor because of who I am and what I look like. I have two rules to live by: 1. Try not to die (within my control) 2. Do not get involved with the cops, because I’ve had family members, friends in the community where the justice system failed them because of what they look like.  Reaching out to Toadstool for simple advice on courtroom etiquette, turned into him completely guiding me and supporting me as I experienced this. I’m forever grateful because he is using his platform, his authentic self and used his position of power to help another individual that is underrepresented. Yes. I was at fault and it was a mistake, we’re humans, but understand because of who I am, sorry not who but WHAT I am (the system don’t care who you are, just what you represent), it only takes ONE hateful, negative, malicious personality that is in a position of power to dictate the rest of my life. Even though the mistake was me hitting a parked car and me calling the authorities on myself, it takes just ONE person who had a bad day to look at me and abuse their power, because they are in the position to do so… let that sink in… It happens. All. The. Time.  

 SO, as I gave Lucky Charms credit from his CoT, he used the platform of F3 to help speak about his personal experience and the social injustice in our community, as I’m doing right now. I’m using this platform of F3 and all I ask you to do is be your authentic self in your communities and use your platform / privilege to speak what is fundamentally wrong and fundamentally right. You all dance in social circles where you’re able to do it, so do it. We’re a community, let’s support each other. The change starts here.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you gents!

The Plague led us in a closing prayer, thank you brother. 

Raydell Cordell III – 32 – Othelloooo!


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