The Maize – Copperfields – 6/18/20 – Tater Tot

Today was special.  One of those mornings you feel lucky to be a part of.  Tater Tot communicated with the Big One the day prior about the number of potential PAX so that we could get a feel for on-site coffeteria.  Tater Tot mentioned 18….  There were rumblings that some of the Redwoods might make an appearance.  There were twitter comments about some new guys giving west Omaha a shot.  There was energy and momentum for something special.  

Tater Tot would not be doing a pre-run and instead take the time to set up shop and enjoy the peace of the morning and sunrise while others would get their pre burn on…  And then the 8 pre-runners were headed in his direction. Sh*t. And then Ethanol greeted Tater with a huge hug and a smile.  And then Tater was on the pre-run. Sh*t. But all was good.  Connections were happening.  Reconnections were happening.  Growth was happening.  Approaching the parking lot from the mosey around the lake at 5:20am you could already see 20 PAX at the shovel flags…  Alternate plans were already being thought of.  At 5:30am we stood 40 PAX strong. The sun was coming up and we were ready.  Tater Tot gave the introduction, welcomed the FNG’s and we were off!

PAX (41): Thermo, River Dance, Speed Trap (FNG), King Pin, Mufasa, Wentworth, Nemo (FNG-Hate!), Patton, Sasquash, TC (Respect), Birdman, Brazilian, Merch, Slick, Pothole, Tree Stand, Biff, The Curse, LPC, Sparty, Stogie (FNG – Was Castro but he put the wrong name in when filling out information and we kept it), Butterfly (Respect), Crab Cakes, LeDoux, Placebo, Khakis (Respect), Thor, Wait Time, Slow Pitch, Short Sale, Hard Hat, Mac N’ Cheese, Ethanol, Big One, Hawg (Respect), Vandelay (Respect), FDIC, Thomas, Lemon Law and Tater Tot (Roadhouse did a pre-run).   

Warm a Rama  ¼ mile mosey around the parking lot and to football fields

–  Sun Gods (10 forward/10 backward)

– Tappy Taps 10 IC

– Bobby Hurley’s jumping front and back X20

– Bobby Hurley’s jumping ide to side X20

– Climbing Merkins – 5 mountain climbers IC/5 Merkins, 10 Mountain Climbers IC/10 Merkins, 15 -Mountain Climbers IC/15 Merkins

– 15 Jump Tucks

– Grrrr to Happy! Clinch your fist so tight and grrrrrrr. Release your fist and say Happy and feel it. X3

The Thang – After a short mosey to the bottom of a hill Tater briefed the PAX by asking them to get into small groups making sure to mix and match.  PAX would have roughly 25 minutes to get through the exercise at the bottom of the hill, do burpees as the top of the hill and run a short mosey over a bridge and back to the exercise cone.  Mumblechatter had started, one of the cones had already been kicked off and Tater Tot was given the finger, all before one merkin had been completed.  Perfect.  Omaha would be called at 6:05 with a mosey back to the shovel flags for Mary.

Bottom of the hill exercises

1) 50 Merkins

2) 50 Air Squats

3) 50 Calf Raises

4) 40 Plank Jack IC

5) 40 LBC’s IC

6) 40 Bonnie Blairs  IC

7) 30 Hand R. Merkins

8) 30 Bobby Hurley’s

9) 30 Jump Squats

10) 20 Burpees

Top of the hill exercises 

1) 10 Burpees

2) 9 Burpees

3) 8 Burpees

4) 7 Burpees

5) 6 Burpees

6) 5 Burpees

7) 4 Burpees

8) 3 Burpees

9) 2 Burpees

10) 1 Burpee


38 American Hammers led by Ethanol and it felt so good to hear that mans cadence.  So good.  38 was chosen to celebrate Sweet Potato’s (Tater Tot’s M) birthday.  


Announcements:- 2.0 Workout at Aldrich and Halleck Park at 7:00am with a 6:00am Gunner beatdown at Aldrich- 1776 CSAUP Convergence led by Ethanol on 4th of July at Aldrich- Celebrate those hitting milestones in their life- Continued prayers for Honey brothers and family for the loss of their mom- Top Rope opening on July 1

Tater Tot recently had a little time with Biggie Smalls on a short mosey from station to station at The Pit (Halleck Park) during a Slow Pitch beatdown and took the time to ask him how his mind and body were feeling.  He simply said, “As well as I treat it”.  He was so right.  So simple.  So to the point.  And it stuck with me.  We are given opportunities everyday to make both good and poor decisions that have a direct impact on how we feel about our mind and body.  If we don’t treat ourselves well, we may not feel well.  If we treat ourselves with respect, we may have the confidence to make life changes.  If we make life changes, we may have the opportunity to help another human being.  But what allows us to make those changes?  What gives us the confidence to look ourselves in the mirror and really listen to the person starring back at you?   

This special group of men that you share the gloom with dailycan be that confidence.  It can be the platform you need to be able to talk openly and honestly not only with others but yourself.  It can be the group of men that hold you accountable.  It can be the group that can relate.  It can be the group to help you change your life should YOU choose to.  Tater Tot had no intentions of mentioning today he was celebrating 21 months (Non 22 as I clearly can’t count) of sobriety as this has been a relatively private path.  The first day of F3 Tater Tot made a challenge to himself to lean in and be honest with himself and only himself.  It didn’t take long to learn others had made significant changes in their life or were going through similar changes and at that point it wasn’t just about Tater Tot anymore.  It was about being accountable and giving/receiving the confidence to your brothers around you and treat yourself the way it deserves.  Maybe you have always wanted to make these changes but didn’t have the support.  Treating yourself the right way can translate into many positive transitions in your life and looks differently for everyone but always seems to be worth it in the end. 

Tater Tot closed in prayer and PAX were greeted with coffee and treats for some solid 2nd F in the parking lot.  It was later known that Ethanol was asked by the police what the large group was.  He said he EH’d him and mentioned he should join to find out. There were three ruckers that trotted by and were quickly gobbled up by Hawg and given Rollbar’s information to connect the dots.  

Today was special.  They all can be special if you treat yourself the way you deserve.  Lean in and we will be there for you.  Period. 

Thank you for you being you and allowing me to lead this morning.  


Tater Tot

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