The HIM that rose out of their Fartsacks this morning to emerge into the Gloom, were met with puddles in the streets and a cool breeze! As the PAX arrived to Burke Stadium, they caught a glimpse of a long line of Pre-Runners making their way down the road. A nervous circle of men started to gather as they were uncertain of the shenanigans Sparty may have in store for them. There was a warm welcome to all as the greeting began with what F3 stands for: Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. The Mission Statement was shared to perfection, and the PAX were called upon to share the 5 core principles to ensure they were engaged and to get their wheels spinning. As the Q could see the hesitation from the group, it was emphasized that Sparty is NOT a professional, and if you need to modify, it is highly recommended! The PAX then proceeded to Mosey to the parking lot on the east side of the stadium for Warm-a-rama.

Q – Sparty

Pax (28): FDIC – Scrapper – Birdman – Sgt. Slaughter – Kielbasa – River Dance – Firewalker – Tugboat (Toot Toot) – Short Sale – Creed – Roadhouse – Saul – Thermo – THE Big One – Mac’n Cheese (Hate) – Spreadsheet (Hate) – Crab Cakes – Starkist (Hate) – Tuna Fish – Patton – TC (Respect) – Vandelay (Respect) – Slow Pitch – Tater Tot – LPC – Mufasa – Nemo (Hate) – Khakis (Respect).


  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Cherry Pickers – 20 IC
  • Sun Gods – 20 IC (10F, 10B)
  • Tappy Taps – 15 IC
  • Big Ones – 20 IC

An announcement was made at the end of Warm-a-rama that we would be honoring leaders of F3 Omaha with our exercises today. This would start with a Pre-Thang named after Sloooow Pitch! The Pax went on a Mosey to the hill off the corner of the intersection. As everyone stood at the base of the hill, fear was running through their veins and could be seen in their eyes. SLOW PITCH was 5 rounds of Bear Crawling up the hill, then completing 5 one-leg burpees. After the 5th round, the PAX gathered back at the bottom of the hill in a plank position in support of the 6! Upon the completion of the Pre-Thang, a mosey back to the parking lot took place to count off into 4 groups.

The Thang – Sparty brought in Tater Tot, Khakis, and Roadhouse to point out their starting positions and explain how they would lead their groups. These four then took their groups to their specific locations and completed all of the exercises before rotating to the next station counterclockwise. Stations and exercises were as follows:

  • Wait Time Station (Wait Time is not your friend) – Plank 30 second hold, Chilcutt 30 second hold, 20 Merkins, 20 Peter Parkers (10 each leg), and 20 Mountain Climbers IC.
  • Khakis Station (If you are questioning what you’re doing, you are doing it right) – Hydrolic Squats 20 IC, LBC’s with 3 count hold (20 total), LBC’s combined with American Hammers (20 total), and Monkey Humper Groiners (10 total).
  • Tater Tot Station (Calm yourself and share any feelings you are having) – 30 second wall sits, 20 Donkey Kicks, Balls to the Wall for 30 seconds, Chicken Peckers 15 IC, and Superman hold for 30 seconds.
  • Roadhouse Station (For male invigoration) – 20 Oh Yeah’s (10 each arm), 20 Pickle Pushers IC, 20 Monkey Humpers IC, 20 Pickle Pointers IC and stay in this position and finish with a Morning Wood (1 Turkish Get-up).

Each group finished each station perfectly timed for “Omaha” to be announced through the neighborhood. The PAX then took a slow Mosey back to the center of the parking lot to finish with 38 American Hammers

Saul reminded Sparty to get a quick count and we finished with 29 HIM in the COT. Name-a-rama then was underway and had a rough start with Sgt. Slaughter fumbling over his cadence. We got things back on track and TC (Respect) gave us the universal sign to get this moving quicker.

Prayers/Announcements: Michael Scheer’s surgery was a success and he is recovering. 2.0 workout tomorrow at Aldrich and The Pit at 7am. “Top Rope” will be July 1st at Aldrich (Until we hear on Boys Town). Ruck-Midwest in KC Aug. 15. PAX was reminded to check out Slack where several updates and opportunities are posted in there.

COT – Today was an opportunity to say “Thank You” and honor some of the leaders of F3 Omaha by creating a beatdown that reflecting experiences I’ve had over the last 6 months posting at workouts they were the Q for. I put together a Pre-Thang that was meant to be physically grueling and make you question how you would get through The Thang afterwards. Slow Pitch has grown a reputation for creating long and tough Pre-Thangs that make you wonder if we would even have time for the Thang. Wait Time was pretty easy….an abbreviated Steinl. Hurts every time. Khakis (Respect) loves his Hydrolic Squats and it’s always fun under his leadership cause he will just make stuff up as he goes. It’s always challenging and meant to make us push our limits. Tater Tot’s “Lean on Me” workout was one of the hardest, yet most peaceful beatdowns I’ve ever experienced. He took time to share that he loved each of us and we spent part of our beatdown in silence (as intended). Roadhouse, like Othello, have embraced the opportunity to help us men with our Invigoration by moving our hips and getting our testosterone prepared for the weekend. They have helped us bring our sexy back. There are so many more HIM I would like to thank and honor, today I wanted to specifically point out these men. Thank you and I love each of you!

Each of these men have their own style and personality when it comes to their leadership. Until I was 21, I always thought “Leadership” meant being vocal, intense, and out in front of everything. It wasn’t until I got to college and experienced adversity with sports that I learned through a conversation with my coach that my acceptance of my role, hard work, and continued commitment to my teammates was my form of being a leader for the team. It was through this experience, I learned that I could be my real self, quiet and introverted, and still lead. I encourage all of the PAX to embrace your strengths as a leader and run with it. Don’t try to be like Wait Time, or Tater Tot, or Sparty. Be you! And I encourage you, if you haven’t already, step up and Q workouts. You will accelerate the PAX and yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone and leading men. We are all here for a reason and we are all helping each other be better HIM every day. Get out and lead, and do it your way!

Sparty lead a prayer to send us off on the weekend!



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