Futurama: Hit the Wall

Thursday June 18th:  75 degrees with an amazing breeze and a beautiful sunrise.

QIC: Armbar

PAX: 32 Huffy, Safe Ride, Smashmouth, Pony Express, Cyclone(Respect 2x), Blue Chip, Chiclets(Respect), Grillz, Da Vinci(Respect 2x), Othello, Beta Max, Gumbo, Forest, Hipster(Respect 2x), Gunner, Samples(respect), Ramrod(hate 2x), Open Sesame(Hate 2x), SpreadSheet, Fury(Hate), Flanders, Rancid, Michelangelo(Respect and Welcome), Polaroid, Door Knocker, Tugboat, Big Apple(Welcome), Two Step, Corner Kick(Welcome), Icy Hot, Sister Act, Armbar

Tclaps to Two Step on bringing 2 FNG’s today! 

Armbar greets the group:

F3-Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith

Mission Statement-To plant grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Core Principles-1 Free, 2 Open to all men, 3 always held outdoors, 4 Lead in a rotating fashion, 5 will end in a circle of trust

Disclaimer: I am not a professional so please modify when needed.


Mosey around the circle drive and finish up around the flag.


Tappy Taps 12 IC

Tater Taps 12 IC

Sun gods 10 IC forward and back

Chin Nooks 10 IC forward and back

Morracan Night Clubs 15 IC

Jump tucks 12 Short mosey to the bottom of the stairs

Pre Thang:

Chain run-break into 2 groups.  Group 1 goes right and 2 goes left for a chain run down the hill on the trail and back up on the path.

The hill and they way back up was a brutal opponent but we got it.

The Thang:

All activities today will incorporate the wall at the bottom of the stairs and the memorial wall up top of the flag.

3 man grinder with 1 man at the bottom the of the stairs, 1 man at the memorial wall up top and 1 man in transit

Bottom of the stairs

  1. Vertical Jumps 75 (on top wall) 
  2. Gas pumpers 100 IC (sit on wall)
  3. Step ups 75 IC
  4. Flutter Kicks 100 IC (sit on wall)
  5. Calf Raises 75 IC (on top wall)
  6. Low Dolly 100 (on top wall) 
  7. Copper Head Squats 75 IC (Six must hit the wall)
  8. Homer to Marge 100
  9. Single Leg lunge 35 Each leg (Back leg on wall)
  10. American Hammer 100 IC (on top wall) 
  11. Rinse and Repeat

Memorial Wall

  1. Balls to the wall 75 count
  2. Decline Merkins 75 (angle of feet is your choice)
  3. Chicken Peckers 75 (AST with feet on wall)
  4. Incline clap merkins 100 (Against the wall)
  5. Australian Mountain Climbers 50 IC
  6. Peoples Chair 75 count 
  7. Donkey Kicks 75
  8. London Bridge 50 IC (plank-1 had to wall then the other then 1 hand down then the other)
  9. Wall Worms 50 IC (Inch hands to the right…Then back to the left)
  10. Incline Tri Merkins 50 IC (Ranger, Regular, Werkin With right hand moving…Then same with left. Against the wall)
  11. Rinse and Repeat

In accordance with Futurama guidelines, no Mary was had.


-2.0 on Saturday for both sites at 7 and a non 2.0 at 6 at oracle

-Opening of Top Rope convergence on July 1st at Aldrich Elementary

-CSAUP July 4th 1776 games


To the Honey Stinger and Honey Badger family.   Prayer was announced to the family as their mother was fighting hard at her end.  Post prayer, I learned of her passing but doesn’t change the fact the PAX is praying for her family.  We are sorry for the loss and grateful for her life and the HIM she raised. 


Not sure if everyone does this but when I sometimes I come across something and put it in my memory bank as “this could be a CoT.  I was watching a Youtube page I enjoy called Kurzgesagt which is a page that takes complex topics and animates them so simpletons like myself can try to grasp them.  In the video I decided to use for the CoT it started talking about how almost all children draw the outline of there hand at some point.  And as a parent you time stamp it with their age and keep it.  Remembering what they were like when they were 3 and you M is sure to say look at how cute.  Then the video goes on to talk about how in almost every ancient cave with art you find the same things.  A stencil of a person hands drawn on a wall.  Some are thousands of years old.  Reminding us that the Human experience though different in modern times is still very similar.  We like to make our mark and say “I was here and this is what I was like at the time”.  But the problem is we cannot go back to our children being 3  just like we can’t go back to see what life was really like in that cave. So in order to build a better future we must make our mark on the present by learning from our past.


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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